As the world’s largest democracy, the rights of the people and the enforcement of the law in India has a diverse relationship. The enigma that the legal industry has seen from the past few years has changed for better. In a country like India, the legal profession holds a virtue like none other now. The public centric approach of the legal crusaders has changed the minds of people in such a way that the industry has seen tremendous growth.
In India with all the technological advancements taking place, the overall nature of legal business is on a path of revolution. AI and machine learning are said to be the key terminals to influence the decision-making process and other related matters for delivering accurate results in a timely manner. The Indian Legal System has a story to tell and its time that people hear it from the experts itself!

That is the reason, we have brought a palette of incredible stories hand-picked from the vast plane of the Indian legal paradigm. Showcasing key personnel from the legal space in India, this edition of the magazine includes their outstanding work ethics and a drive to serve and save others from the legal dilemma. This edition titled ‘Outstanding Lawyers Making Impact on Legal Industry’ describes how lawyers in India with a different set of skills and abilities are swaying the enigma behind the legalities.

The cover story of this issue portrays Sudhindra Bhat from SS Law. His grit and energy have influenced and disrupted the legal industry on various levels. As a perfectionist, he ideates that nothing is impossible. A self-starter who likes to take risks and keeps the challenges coming his way, that’s how Sudhindra lives!

The panel also includes a set of lawyers making a positive impact on society. Anandaday Misshra is an expert at facilitating strategic legal services to his clients. As the Founder of Amlegals - Legal Strategists, he derives the motivation from every case he receives and always emphasizes on figuring out the amicable solution for the case. Jidesh Kumar from King, Stubb, and Kasiva is a Managing Partner in the firm. He is a legal legend, making his way into the ranks of this month’s issue having an aim to provide cutting edge legal solutions to the people in this dynamic legal environment. A Partner in PDS Legal, Vihang Virkar is a thorough professional with extensive knowledge of tax litigation practice and other relevant areas. His perseverance is well-revered and acknowledged in the industry.

In an interview with us, Vandana Shah - Founder of Vandana Shah and Associates explains how a divorce lawyer can bring a positive outlook on the concept of separation without the taboos involved with it. Also, the ‘CXO standpoint’ from Sai Sushanth, CEO - Sushanth IT Law and Associates sheds light on the current scenario of cyber law in the country. So, go through this latest issue of the magazine and enjoy intriguing stories of the Indian Lawyers and their journey presented to you by Insights Success.

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