Laboratory centrifuges are mainly used for the parting of plasma specimens and cellular components by generating spin-induced high G-forces. Seeing the economic benefits, many current research laboratories prefer to purchase overhauled and recertified laboratory equipment. The companies that supply such gear fix them to match the original builder's standards and guarantee cost-effective answers for your investigation ability.

Excellence Features safeguard Top Performance

The diagnostic applications in your research ability can be carried out professionally and conveniently, without making huge capital investment using overhauled and recertified laboratory centrifuges. Laboratory centrifuges come as bench-top or floor models, refrigerated or non-cooled, joining a variety of advanced features, capacities and dimensions. Leading manufacturers of lab centrifuges include Sorvall, Clay Adams, Eppendorf, IEC Centra, Beckman, and Drucker and so on. Important features of different models of laboratory centrifuges include:

Serviced Centrifuges match Unique Production Standards

To ensure correctness and presentation consistency for reconditioned and recertified lab centrifuges, the whole reconditioning procedure counting replacement of individual components, repairing, painting, reconvening and more are performed by experienced engineers and technicians, precisely following the rules prescribed by the manufacturers. Before recertifying them for use, the operating competence of reconditioned separators is repeatedly verified to assure users the functionality typical of brand new equipment. The companies fully contract each piece of tuned and recertified equipment that they supply.

Acquisition Equipment from Renowned Companies

There are numerous companies involved in refurbishing laboratory equipment. Be sure to consider quality, value, facility and cost when you invest in recertified laboratory centrifuges for your research ability. Well-known firms offering recertified apparatus can assist you in choosing the brand and ideal that meets your analytical requirements.

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