It is truly disturbing and painful to see your child suffer from panic attacks. I know, that information might had left you questioning how can that be feasible yet, panic attacks in children are really possible. It is also alarming that the children affected by this condition are growing in numbers; and most physicians now get baffled and frustrated by these numbers.

You always want your child to have the best, from education down to his or her childhood experience. How is this feasible if children panic attack episodes are becoming prevalent these days? Still confused of such possibility? Well, I am ready to share and give some information about the disorder.

Not all panic attacks in children are inherited even though panic disorders can be transmissible from one generation to another in general. Yes, you read that right; some children may be the first one to experience such condition in the family. With that said, it may be that panic episodes are activated by the surroundings the child is exposed to.

As a very good affirmation that this disorder can be caused by the surroundings, is the attack caused by separation anxiety. Sneaking out behind your child's back so that he would not know you are about to leave will just feed on a lot of apprehension and anxiety to his mind. So just to stop them from being too uneasy, inform them about your whereabouts and why you need to run errands. Panic attacks are less likely to occur when you do that.

General anxiety disorder is another cause of panic attacks for children. Until now, there is no clear rationale behind its occurrence. This may possibly be caused by peer pressure, difficulties in school or domestic problems. Whatever the reason may be, it is significant to know the root cause and solve it with your child.

Drugs could start the panic attacks of your child. There are some known medicines that have a side effect of developing the disorder. Always make sure that you are cautious in giving the appropriate medications for your child.

Finally, some types of personalities can cause panic attacks in children. Either your child is naturally distant, or you raised him or her to be that way, that kind of character can actually lead to the disorder. When a child is distant, he or she will find it difficult to disclose him or herself. The moment the child cannot relinquish negative emotions, it tend to pile up giving the child a lot of tension.

A child is meant to run free in the playground, not cowering behind the bushes frightened of having another panic attack. Every child deserves a happy childhood; you just have to be there ready to assist him in managing panic attacks.

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