Working out and eating right is a perfect combination if you want to have a fit and strong body. Even though it is easier said than done, it is still attainable as long as you stay true to the workout program and diet plan that you have chosen for yourself. For beginners, they do not understand the science behind fitness workouts and diet planning that they just enroll to the gym and indulge themselves in whatever it is that other people are doing in there. They do not know that there are levels of exercises and not all are suitable for them. They have to understand that there are specific routines and particular diet programs for beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert level when it comes to diet and fitness.

Total Body Workout

This workout routine is the most ideal for beginners as it covers burning of fats along with toning of muscles in a basic manner. The program may involve different types of exercises and you will need a couple of 5 lbs. dumbbells for this routine.

Shape Up, Size Workout

This routine is perfect for women who want to slim down and achieve a great body. Shape up Size Workout contains 6 different exercises and using weights for it is also optional. Most trainers suggest this program for beginners before they are able to try out more intense routines such as the Tabata program.

Total Body Fat-Blasting Routine

This routine works on the shoulders up to the legs and only takes around 12 to 15 minutes to finish. Doing this program for 3 up to 5 times a week can already get the job done and it can already jumpstart you towards your fitness goal.

Circuit Training

Working with circuits is perfect for beginners and is always advised by professional trainers. The workout routine involves two circuits wherein you will be doing multiple exercises out of it.

Flat Abs Workout

Working on your abs is ideal for beginners and with the Flat Abs Workout routine then you can easily work wonders on your abdominal area. This routine is focused to strengthen the middle part of your body but do not expect to achieve a 6-pack right away out of it. You would have to move on to the more intense abs workout program to achieve the 6-pack abs that you desire. This workout routine is perfect to flatten your abs and tone the muscles in it but it is not enough to curve a 6-pack.

Sexy Legs Workout

This routine focuses on the thighs and calves in order to achieve the perfect shape that you need to flaunt your short shorts and sexy boots. This is perfect for women who are having a problem with their legs and although it is only for beginners, it can already work wonders despite its simplicity. Feel free to use weights and weight lifting gloves as well for better effect.

Running Program for Beginners

Running will not only help in burning fats and keep you fit but it also promotes health wellness. Running blends cardio fitness and strength training perfectly. Just make sure that you keep a running schedule for better results and check out running tips for beginners.

Diet Planning

People who work out and do exercise usually complain about having the lack of energy to do other things because all of their energies are spent on doing the exercise routines. This is why a lot of them tend to overeat and the exercise and workout that they have done would end up being useless. This is where diet planning becomes instrumental. By planning the right diet, you are able to get the right amount of energy from food that you eat and not gain excessive calories at the same time. Here are a few foods that you should keep in your diet.

Water: Drinking 9 glasses of water each day is a requirement. Whenever you work out, you are advised to drink at least 8 oz of water before the session but do not over hydrate because it can slow you down.

Honey: This contains healthy sugars that you will need for energy such as fructose and glucose and it also contains vitamins, minerals and protein that your body needs. 1 tablespoon of honey that contains around 60 calories is already enough for a day.

Tea: Green te, in particular provides your body antioxidants and EGCG that can help protect your body from damage while doing exercise routines. It also helps improve bowel movements and its caffeine will give a boost of energy.

Fruits: There are a lot of fruits that contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs for energy that are great as workout snacks. A piece of fruit only contains 80 up to 100 calories depending on the type of fruit which is healthy enough for your diet.

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