The realization of personal empowerment is one of the most important elements of self improvement. After all, it’s impossible to focus on improving yourself when your attention is on placing fault with others.

Before we can evolve and improve ourselves, we must first decide to no longer be the victim of anyone or anything. Even if we’ve been victimized, we don’t have to remain victims. We always have the power of choice. We can choose to break free of the dependence upon having someone else to hold responsible for what goes wrong in our lives. We can kiss the victim mentality goodbye.

If some person, group, rule, or system hurts you, how long will you gripe about it? How long will you remain stuck under the cloak of anger, blame and victimization? Will you spend the rest of your life blaming your parents for your lack of child-rearing skills? Will you keep blaming your ex-wife for your diminished financial status? Will you always blame the education system for your perceived intellectual weaknesses? Or will you decide to exercise your ability to change your life? Isn’t it time to bring the pity party to a close and present yourself to the world as the self empowered being that you are?

It would be wonderful IF everyone would take responsibility for their actions. However, each of us only has control over one person—self. We can’t force others to behave in the way that best suits us. We can’t force our parents to apologize for (let alone fix) the mistakes they made during our childhoods. But we can make sure our children benefit from the lessons we learned from our parents’ mistakes.
We can’t make heartless lovers become considerate of our feelings. But we can move on to a thoughtful partner who deserves our love. We can’t make the government operate for the best interest of all people. But we can do our best to help those who benefit from what we enjoy offering to the world. We can’t make our colleagues have stronger work-ethic. But we can set a strong example for them to learn from.

No matter who or what has hurt you, and no matter how severely, you can free yourself from the victimization prison. So, are you ready to take your power back now? Well guess what. It’s been here all along just waiting for you to stop stepping on it. Reach out and grab hold of it. Leave the victim mentality behind right now.

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