It’s ironic that so many parents spend a lot of time reading up on how to parent a child. In spite of them going ‘overboard’ for their kids, when the roles are reversed, their children don’t want to know about their troubles. 

As elderly parents enter their golden years, there are considerate children who want to provide the right care for their aging parents and help them age with grace and dignity. 

Everybody knows that as people age, they tend to suffer from memory loss and possibly dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, falls and hip fractures, incontinence and depression

Nobody said caring for elderly parents would be easy, but it can be done. Let’s find out how.

Give some time

While caring for your elderly parents, whether they’re in your home or theirs, you can support them by giving them some of your time. Be firm and take the time to show them ways that will allow them to complete some tasks on their own. 

Take time to listen to them and let them chat with you about what they like, allowing them to see that you still value what they have to say.

Mobility issues and isolation

The inability to drive and the inability to even get out of bed and use a walker can make your aging parents feel lonely, frustrated and isolated. They can’t get out, and their circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller – all dying off.

Now’s the time to introduce them to technology. If they’re not tech-savvy, show them you care by getting them a cell phone that they can at least use for emergency calls and texts. There are phones with big buttons for seniors, and by introducing them to a social media platform such as Facebook, they can ‘chat’ and ‘connect’ with friends and keep up with events.

Caregivers - A worthy alternative

Some children have the best intentions with their aging parents but are unable to take care of their parents themselves or even to visit them. Caregivers can be a wonderful alternative – if you choose the rights ones. They can be excellent companions for when a loved one is battling with the effects of getting old and losing their coveted independence. 

Hiring a caregiver is an excellent idea as these trained caregivers provide physical assistance to aging people – becoming an emotional- and physical support for them. Tandem Careplanning focuses on making caregiving positive, effective and beneficial for both care seekers and caregivers.

Good caregiving strives for flexibility, ensuring all the while that shifts, contracts and payroll works smoothly and amicably. A professional caregiver can even provide transport for doctor’s appointments or social events when the old people’s own children aren’t able to do it for them.

The whole aim of professional services is to offer support and ensure that caregiving remains a positive experience by matching the best caregiver with the appropriate care seeker.

Exercise for seniors

Staying physically active is key to good health for seniors. Don’t allow your parents to think that they’ve become too frail to exercise. Physical activity of any kind has health benefits such as warding off depression and lowering the risk of heart disease.

If you’re able to, invest in an exercise bike for your mom and dad so that they can exercise in their room if they’re housebound. Keeping physically active can help to lessen the age-related changes that happen to the body and the risk of falls is also lower in those who keep physically active.

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Senior Care Expert