Officially referred to as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, the country lies in the Himalayas and is landlocked. Nepal even consists of some of the Indo-Gangetic Plain regions. Nepal ranks 48th when population is considered, while it comes at the 93rd position when considering the largeness of its area. The capital city of the country is Kathmandu is also the largest city here. It is located at an elevation of 1,400 metres.

The tourism industry helps contribute to the country’s economy and as per the analysis, 598,204 tourists visited the country in 2012. This number was 10% higher than that of the year before that even though the tourism industry here usually suffers because of unstable political structure. Now, traveling to Nepal has even made it easier due to various traveler-oriented schemes. For instance, for those traveling from North India, Delhi to Nepal tour packages would be beneficial.

Exploring Nepal always ensures a wonderful experience, for the country is rich in heritage and holds cultural importance since times immemorial. Some of the places people must visit on their trip to Nepal have been mentioned below.

Top 4 Places to Visit in Nepal

1. Pashupatinath Temple

This temple is one of the most ancient and revered temples in the country of Nepal. This temple is located at the edges of the capital city, Kathmandu. The temple is located at a scenic location with river Bagmati flowing nearby. The temple has been established to offer respect to Lord Pashupatinath, which is another name for Lord Shiva. Being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this place is always recommended to those who are traveling to the country of Nepal.

2. Boudhanath

This temple is situated at a distance of 7 kilometers from the northeast region of Kathmandu and is considered to be quite a renowned religious centre. The majestic stupa is the main centre of attraction of this temple, as it is the largest one in Nepal. The temple is also known by the name Khasa Chaitya. Located in the peripheries, the temple also features a huge Mandala. Boudhanath has gained global popularity as the largest temple with unique architecture and therefore this temple too has gained the title of being UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

3. Pokhara Valley

This valley is considered to be an ornament of Nepal tourism. The valley lies in the middle of Annapurna Range of Himalayas and is the second largest valley in the country of Nepal. Lying in the western region, this valley is one of the most admired tourist attractions in the country. Lekhnath and Pokhara are the two cities that are a part of this valley. Being a part of the Gandaki zone, this region is at a distance of 203 kilometres from the valley of Kathmandu.

4. Lumbini

Lumbini is the place where Lord Buddha was born and needless to say that this place is amongst the most visited destinations in Nepal. The whole aura of this place is quite peaceful, providing the ideal atmosphere for meditation to the tourists. This place is considered as the most visited and admired by the people from around the world. The Ancient Monument Preservation Act that was passed in 1956, takes utmost care for protecting it. Since a lot of people are adopting Buddhism now, Lumbini receives quite a huge number of tourists every year.

Exploring Nepal can be a really interesting experience for those who love mountains. The country is magnificently surrounded by the Himalayan range, forming a picturesque backdrop throughout. Each city in the country is reflective of Nepal’s cultural as well as historical significance. When traveling from Maharashtra, choosing the best Mumbai to Nepal tour package will assure a hassle-free holiday experience.

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