You can save major money just planning ahead for travels. Since, my home is Texas and my home town is over 2000 miles I do have to plan. I remember traveling as a little girl every year our family would go to Texas to visit my mother’s parents. We would drive two cars on road trips because the number of family members that wanted to see grandmother from Ohio. So, to take the road trips I would see my mother plan. Sometimes, when my mother and I would go by train so I know she saved money. We went every year to Texas from Ohio we didn’t miss a year. So, when I turned 17 years old I decided to treat myself, I saved up enough money to visit California. To travel from Ohio to Texas short notice or you could say emergency can run over $1300.00 for one person we are not talking about two so depending where you want to travel lets discuss emergency travel. When we took road trips it could be from 5 to 10 people costly to have taken airlines.

I had a friend girl who lived in California at the time and the graduation present to myself was because I graduated a year early out of school off I will go on my own vacation trip. I worked and saved up money for traveling their and a return trip. Its 25 years later and I am still traveling by saving up the money. I mention these experiences of travels because I can relate to saving money and traveling. I have been on my dream trip to Hawaii and other islands of Hawaii traveled back to the mainland. If you want to travel save up for at least once a year travel. Whether for pleasure or family matters that might need to be resolved due to health we will discuss how to save. Consequently, it can get really expense to travel depending on where you have to travel. Ex. In emergency do you have a friend or in your network that works for an airline? You can ask around because you are dealing with an emergency. If so, they can gift you a ticket to fly for working for airlines because they can possibly get your free tickets. A small process of information you have to provide to use the ticket that has been given to use for emergency. Or in your network of friends ask around and offer a compensation to get the tickets for your emergency. You may have something you can trade off in order to get tickets. I discuss the example above because it might be costly to fly to where you need to get to whereas for me I do have to pay quite a bit to travel to the Midwest from Texas if there is an emergency.

Hopefully, you are not dealing with an emergency than you can plan out your travels and save. The first thing you want to do is know your destination and coordinate. Plan the way you want to reach your destination and write it down.

I suggest you plan three months out before you take the trip. Usually, you get the best rates if you can start further out the better the rate. If you are flying to your destination you do get better rates online purchasing, but after you purchase call and confirm with your confirmation code. EX. if you use Priceline because you can bid for your tickets to fly than after you get confirmation code call customer service number in order for you to be sure the online purchase went through. Also, there is another step once you confirm your tickets you purchased have went through which you have ordered on-line call the airline and select your seating.

You have written everything down and you are organized on how many days you are gone and will return home. You will need to have saved up for your transportation and food. The same thing with transportation it is more cost effective to book online and get confirmation code. Afterward, call with code and make sure through the customer service that you will have your transportation. You do not want to take for granted that computer error has not taken place so you want to verbally talk with someone to be safe to save money. Last, to save money in planning your trip you might want to think of going to visit a destination where you have a friend or know someone this might save you money. Also, research these days you can timeshare someone else home out for a home away from home vacation.

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