In order to function efficiently and effectively in a workplace a lot of factors are important and all of them must be kept in mind. Nowadays the world has become a global village and it is the need of the hour to communicate with people across the globe to carry out your daily responsibilities. In order to ensure seamless and interruption free communication a nice pair of headsets is the most important factor.

Especially for work environments like call centers and other offices in which high call volume is part of the daily work routine professionals are required to communicate a lot through phonic conversations. A lot of people also work from remote locations nowadays and need to communicate from a variety of different environmental backgrounds in order to work. A lot of famous headset brands are available in the market including Plantronics, Jabra, Sony, Sennheiser, etc.

providing customers belonging to any field a huge variety of headsets to choose from. All these headsets are good quality products which contain all the features required by the users. One of the best high quality headsets ideal for use in professional environments is Plantronics CS510.The CS510 monaural wireless headset system is a product of Plantronics which has been a leading brand in producing quality headsets.

Plantronics has also successfully topped the best sellers list of best headsets for a decade and the launch of these CS510 headsets is a huge leap forward in providing customers with good quality products. The advanced DECT (Digital enhanced cordless telecommunication) used in these headsets makes the audio quality outstanding and assures crystal clear communications. The DECT technology is also responsible for enhancing the sound quality of the headsets in addition to eliminating any type of disturbances caused by the Wi-Fi networks.

The CS510 wireless headsets system is a complete package and contains an over the head wearing style head band, a base and a microphone. These headphones contain all the features which are required by a professional to function efficiently in their office environments. The sleek and elegant design of these headsets is a treat to watch and the durable and flexible material of these headsets make them usable for a long period of time without needing to replace it.

These amazing headsets are extremely comfortable to wear with their lightweight of just 72 grams and can be worn during long office hours without causing any discomfort to the users. The head band contains a quick access panel from which users can handle various important functionalities. Users can answer call instantly with a single touch, end calls, mute call if any other high priority task is at hand and increase o decrease volume according to the need using this quick access panel.

The range of these headsets is up to 350 feet and users can still use headsets in the specified range even when they are away from their desks. This ensures that no important calls are missed or ignored even when users are away from their desks.

The battery time of these headsets id up to 9 hours and users can enjoy wireless communication without worrying about the battery running out during office hours. The battery takes around 3 hours to recharge completely. The noise canceling microphone available along with these high quality headsets ensures that the audio is transferred clearly. The noise canceling microphone works on the technology that it cancels out all the extra noises from the environments and processes the desired audio only which ensures crystal clear communications.

It also reduces background ambience which results in decreasing listeners fatigue and the caller can listen to your communication without any disturbance or delay. The sound guard technology used in these headsets is responsible for protecting human ear from against unsafe sound levels which avoids causing any type of health hazards. The anti-startle technology of these headsets is in control of detecting and eliminating sudden large increases in signal level.

These CS510 wireless headsets have been made compatible with almost all the commonly used desk phones. The setting up of these headsets is remarkably simple and they can be setup by simply connecting the headset to the device. The auto answer feature of these headsets allows you to answer calls instantly just by picking up the headsets which ensure quick response to urgent calls. These headsets also allow a conference call features and up to three headsets can be connected to the base by simply docking them to the base.

The specification of these headsets are mentioned below :
Contemporary design with ultra-light 2.5 oz (72 g) headset

Provides up to 350 feet (100 m) of hands-free operation
One-touch call answer/end, volume, mute and flash controls

Energy efficient adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time

Replaceable battery charges in three hours and lasts up to 9 Hours

Noise-canceling microphone reduces background ambience ensuring exceptional audio quality

Sound Guard technology protects against sound levels above 118 dBA

Anti-startle technology detects and eliminates large and sudden increases in signal level

Auto answer feature allows you to accept incoming calls by simply lifting the handset

High definition voice quality with advanced wideband audio technology and enhanced DSP

Connect new headsets with the base by simply docking them

Conference in up to three additional headsets for collaboration

Plantronics CS510 is an outstanding headset with high quality enhanced features. These headsets are well equipped with all the features which are required to function efficiently in a professional environment. All these extraordinary features of these headsets can definitely contributing towards improving performance of employees which as a result can enhance productivity of the organization.

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