Before we embark on learning the positive and negative points of HGH Supplements available in the market, let us know what exactly is the Human Growth Hormone. This would facilitate the understanding of HGH Supplements sooner and better.
The Human Growth Hormone is created by the Pituitary gland located in our brain. It makes protein that is secreted by the frontal part of this gland. The HGH contains 191 amino acids that are slowly released by what is called Somatotrophs. During childhood, this pituitary gland creates loads of protein highly essential to our body. However, the protein production decreases as you grow from young to old. Therefore, you are inclined to take HGH Supplements and improve your overall fitness level. The HGH Supplements usually come in 3 forms — pills, injections and sprays.

Now let us find out the plus points and minus points of taking HGH Supplements

Plus points of HGH Supplements
With HGH Supplements you can:

Increase the production of proteins in your body. Coupled with calcium, it can make your bones stronger.

Replenish the sagging cells in your body.

Fortify muscles, tendons and ligaments in your body so that movements of body parts become smooth and easier.

Regulate the blood circulation in your body.

Improve the functioning of your heart.

Your breathing pattern will be better.

Reduce the unwanted belly fat thereby enhancing your stamina and energy level.

Get a younger and smarter appearance with a shapely body.

Therefore, HGH is also known as ‘youth hormone’ as it provides and enhances your youthful appearance in advancing age.

Minus points HGH Supplements
As stated earlier, HGH Supplements are available in the market in 3 forms — pills, injections and sprays. Both men and women can suffer from the side-effects of HGH Supplements.

Usually, HGH Supplements consist of anabolic steroids. These steroids are synthetically produced and continue to stay in your body for a long time after you have consumed. These steroids slowly get converted into harmful toxins. Your body cannot discard them immediately and easily. As a result, you can experience a gradual fall in your energy level and overall fitness. Among males, the harmful toxins can create adverse effects on the body that become evident sooner than later. Males taking HGH Supplements can suffer from baldness, inadequate sleep, stomach upset, and weakness in some body parts.

Among females, the use of HGH Supplements is most likely to upset their menstrual cycles, expand the clitoris and produce hair on the face. Besides this, you can find both males and females suffering from diseases like arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problem, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. It can also affect the normal functioning of the heart resulting in death.

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It is, therefore, recommended that HGH Supplements, be it HGH pills, sprays or injections, need to be taken on doctor’s advice only.