This is the software and hardware that a company has to have in order to conduct a point of sale transaction.  This transaction is when the services or goods are provided to the customer in exchange for payment.  The system will take the customer’s information and verify it before it will take the payment.  Once all this is done the sale is considered approved. Depending on which point of sale in Denver system that is used it will generally only take seconds for the sale to be completed.  It is also known as a POS.

There are many different varieties of point of sale systems but all are set up to accomplish the same thing, which is make a sale complete.  In the retail environment it can be as simple as a reader that is connected to a phone line.  This is the least expensive of these types of systems.  When looking at this system it looks much like a calculator that has printing capabilities.  By using this system there may be a delay as it has to dial into a network in order to verify the customer’s information.  It is a separate system from the cash register and sits on a desk or small table.

With a major retail system this will generally include a fully integrated system.  It is complete with the cash registers having the capability of scanning credit cards along with taking the customer’s financial information.  With this POS system in Denver there is a dedicated network line, which is used to connect to some server to verify the customer’s financial information.  It is a more efficient system than one that uses a standalone device and system

With some restaurant point of sale systems they may include software that is capable of doing more than one thing.  There are some card readers that are used by the server who can swipe an identification card to enter the customer’s order. The order then is transmitted to the kitchen electronically.  It will keep track of who to notify when the order is ready to be served.  It can also track the sales of the server.  When the customer is finished and ready to check out the system can be used to process their payment.

The software in a POS can also be used in other ways.  For example, in retail environments with fully integrated systems there can be other information that once obtained it can be analyzed such as types of products that are used in a point of sale transaction verses cash transactions, or collecting statistics about the use of the credit card.

These systems are becoming more popular because of the reliance on debit and credit cards with over three thousands transaction done every second on average.

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