People have to do whatever it takes to avoid break ups because these can badly hurt them. But being on your toes each and day by day isn't cool and can make you miserable in your relationship. Here's some pointers on how to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you if you couldn't easily find possible break-up threats, so you're equipped with sufficient information and you can relax and have fun being in love.

Knowing when he is upset is the most vital advice in how to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you.

Let's say you're exhausted or wanna talk about serious issues with your boyfriend. Nevertheless, if he's in an awful mood, then perhaps it's a bad timing to discuss things that might trouble him even more. Grave fights frequently occur when one person is already upset and the other one exacerbates it. Better confront him when he's not upset, and be mature enough to let him enjoy his off day.

Remember that guys don't actually say anything if they think something is wrong in a relationship when wondering how to keep your boyfriend from breaking up with you.

When they allow little things to pile up, they will just break up with you when they can't take it anymore. Not knowing that all this time, he's been brewing, you'll think the breakup was unanticipated. Better sit down with him when you something seems to be wrong, and convince him to speak up so you can solve it together if something's wrong in the relationship.

As to how to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you, one of the best means you can use is learning to communicate.

Usually, couples don't break up due to their original problem, but due to the way they fought. If you feel your boyfriend has committed a mistake or if you want to generally express anything, make 'I' statements instead of 'you' statements. Very confrontational, saying 'you this' or 'you that' will more than likely get him into a self-protective mood. Guys hate feeling inadequate, so if you make them feel so with how you speak, they tend to look for a way out.

If you' wanna know how to stop your boyfriend from breaking up with you, bear in mind that guys really hate clingy and needy girls.

He may only ask for some time off the relationship if he feels suffocated in the relationship for the most part but refuses to break things off. Needing space and breaking up are two different things but most girls damage their relationship by panicking. Give it to him if your boyfriend wants space, he will come back for sure. Most likely, he will leave you for good if you disturb him.

There are other pieces of advice about how to stopping the break up. Don't forget that even little things count and with men, what you say is not as noteworthy as how you say it, but you mustn't be paranoid.

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