Ahmedabad is one of the most beautiful cities that one must visit. However, it also provides opportunities that attract people to live there. One of the biggest reasons why people invest in property in Ahmedabad is that they are cheaper compared to other cities. Among the many locations in the city, there are some popular locations where people have a preference for property investment. Here are some of the popular locations in Ahmedabad where you can invest.

Affordable Properties in South Bhopal
South Bhopal is one of the most affordable localities in Ahmedabad and hence, is quite popular when it comes to property investment. The locality is a little away from the city but is well connected to the city. The locality is connected with the city and other industrial areas through the metro, highway, and BRTS network. Due to its location and easy connection to the main city, South Bhopal has seen a rise in its investors in the past few months. The properties in this location have all the basic infrastructure.

Hubs of Multinationals – Prahlad Nagar
When you are in Prahlad Nagar, you will find many multinational companies, KPOs, BPOs, etc. The locality is very popular as it is one of the commercial hubs. It has a well-planned structure with complete access to schools, banks, malls, hospitals, restaurants, etc. It is also very close to the Vastrapur Railway Station in Ahmedabad and the SG highway. However, being a premium locality, you will find property investors from the upper-middle class and higher class.

Bodakdev – Expensive Yet Popular
Bodakdev is one of the most expensive localities in Ahmedabad. However, it is still a popular location for property investors. The properties in this area are usually bought by senior-level executives or officers. The properties offer its investors all the basic infrastructure along with accessibility to malls, schools, roads, hospitals, banks, etc. Due to this reason, the locality is quite famous and in demand.

Vastrapur – A University Area
This is yet another popular area where people prefer to invest. Since it houses many universities, it is a hub for students. The property range is huge and hence, people from middle income to higher income can easily invest in the locality. It also has access to all the basic infrastructure and other basic necessities. The price range of renting a property in this area depends on the size of the property.

Satellite – A High-End Locality
Being an expensive area, Satellite is also one of the popular localities for property investment. The locality is well connected to the SG highway and the Ring Road. Finding local transports in the area is easy and is very close to Vastrapur Railway Station. Commercial hubs in Prahlad Nagar is also easily accessible from this locality.

Another Affordable Locality – Gota
Even though the locality is on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gota is still a popular place to invest in a property. The area has attracted many middle-class people who are looking for a residential property as it is quite affordable. The easy access and connection to the SG highway make it easy for people to travel to the city. The area also has basic infrastructure and basic facilities.

Ashram Road – A Riverfront Area
Ashram Road is yet another popular area for residential property investment as it runs parallel to the Sabarmati river. It is an attraction for many companies and industries due to its prime location. As the area has many industries and commercial offices, it offers residential properties at the most reasonable prices. The area is also well connected to some of the most popular localities in Ahmedabad.

So, if you are planning to invest in a residential property in Ahmedabad, then do your research on all the popular localities and invest in one that is within your budget.

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