For centuries, beds are considered to be the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. They have been regarded as the signs of wealth.The richer the person, the stylish is the bed which is why many people prefer four poster bed also known as the king of beds. These are the beds which have four large posters or columns on the corner which are highly decorated and support the upper panel.

The Poster bed are the ones which were originated in the 16th century and was brought from Austraila. Since then they have become the part of bedroom furniture.They come in different sizes like twin, king, queen etc.and mostly made of wood having varieties of finishes like honey, teak, walnut and much more.They also come with or without headboards and footboards. Be it traditional, modern or contemporary interior style; poster beds creates an easy and elegant focal point in the bedroom. So have a look at the different types of poster beds to make your room a stylish one.

1. Traditional Four Poster Bed: This type of bed consists of four pillars which are thick and cumbersome and are connected at the top to a panel known as a roof or the tester. They also include decorated designs on footboards and headboards. If someone loves the modern interior, then the sleek poster beds online come in slender design with beautifully carved pillars.

2. Canopy Poster Bed: They are the another kind of poster bed which has four pillars on each corner with a designer piece of cloth hung from the sides and the top. They come in either traditional design or contemporary design.Traditional style canopy four poster beds are surrounded by thick fabric in disorder or pleats pattern and have ornate headboards and footboards while the modern style bed are surrounded by light fabric such as silk or cloth and do not contain any footboard. Thus the canopy poster beds provide the warmth with the privacy.

3. Pencil Bed: As the name suggest, pencil beds consists of pillars which are rounded, thin and has tapering upwards just like a pencil. They are much similar to traditional poster beds and are the evergreen selection among other poster beds as they allow to customise the frames on the top of the bed from which a canopy can be hung to provide the privacy. The pillars of this bed are sometimes highly decorated and thus provide a beautiful focal point in the bedroom.

4. Half Tester Beds: This kind of poster beds have pillars or post that are lower on the foot side and higher on the head side and thus become famous in the 19th century when indoor interior had improved that it was not necessary to keep the bed covered with curtains or any fabric. Half tester beds are just like canopy beds with the canopy extends to a top half of the bed.They typically feature decorated designs and works well for small rooms or for places where they can control the lighting fixtures along with the traditional look of the room.

Poster beds or any bed will always remain the centre point of the bedroom. They not only give a dramatic and classic look to a bedroom but also provide a comfortable and cosy feeling. So don't just look, buy the poster beds online made from various kinds of wood like oak, mahogany, etc. Or made of metal.

Buying a wrong poster bed will not only make your bedroom look ugly but will also reward you with various problems like back pain, uncomfortable sleep and much more. So do your homework nicely about the style, design and type of the bed and then buy a perfect one which fits all your needs and criteria.

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