In its bare manifestation, the Rudraksha bead is the seed from the Rudraksha tree. Hindus use this seed for prayer. It has a wrinkled appearance and has vertical lines running from the top to the bottom of the bead. We classify the beads according to the number of lines running across the face of the bead. So, we have the 2-faced Rudraksha bead or the 11–faced Rudraksha bead. In fact, there are beads with 21 faces in general use.

Get special powers

Each of the Rudraksha beads has a special power. The sages of old meditate with these beads as it gives them special powers. Anyone can harness this power if they follow instructions well. You can buy any of the Rudraksha Online but it is better if you buy the one recommended by an experienced astrologer. The beads have the power to amplify the power of the mind, cure the ailments of the body and make the person spiritual.

Significance of the beads

First, let us understand the power of each of these beads. You must also understand the way to wear the bead as it will not have any effect if you do not follow the proper method.

Number of faces

Ruling deity

Ruling Planet

Beej Mantra

Benefits of the bead




Om Hreem Namah

Improved concentration, enlighten super consciousness




Om Namah

Unity in relationship




Om Kleem Namah

Freedom from past sins




Om Hreem Namah

Gets power of creativity


Kaalagni Rudra


Om Hreem Namah

Health and peace




Om Hreem Hum Namah

Gets learning; safe from emotional trauma




Om Hum Namah

People who suffer will get peace




Om Hum Namah

Removes all obstacles

You can Buy Rudraksha Online but be sure to buy from a recognized dealer. Buying a Rudraksha bead with a cracked face will bring bad luck. Observe the rules for wearing the Rudraksha bead and benefit.

Rules for wearing the Rudraksha bead

When you wear the bead for the first time, be sure to do it well. Anyone who wants to come out of unwanted habits and live the life of purity can use these steps.

  • First, do the Siddhi that is the purification rites. You must do this while chanting the mantra so the bead gets the power. Choose an auspicious day such as Monday or Thursday.

  • You must chant the Rudraksha Mantra and the Rudraksha Origin Mantra 9 times. You should do this when you wear the Rudraksha mala in the morning and also when you remove the mala in the evening.

  • When one wears the mala, they must not eat non-vegetarian food or consume alcohol.

  • Wash your hands before you touch the mala. Remove the mala when you have intercourse.

  • During their periods, women must not wear the rudraksha mala.

  • You must not take the mala to the cremation grounds or to a funeral.

  • Always keep the Rudraksha oiled. Clean it and apply oil so the Rudraksha bead is fresh.

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