The body will always follow where the head leads If you think you can, you can! If you think you can't, you won't!
Whenever you make that final decision within yourself to take action, your body automatically follows suit and great things can be accomplished because mind and body are working in "harmony" with each other.
Everyday day of our lives we're making constant decisions, some of these are made consciously i.e. "get in the car", "let's go shopping", "get ready for bed" etc, and sure enough as you make these decisions, the body will follow suit. But at the back of our minds in our unconscious, we are also constantly making decisions that will influence our everyday lives, and probably in a much more significant manner.
This is the part of our brain that really does govern our lives, the "navigator" as opposed to the "pilot" of our conscious mind, the part that drives and directs us and it is in this part of our mind that every decision we make influences our every waking and sleeping seconds. It is the inner voice that we use constantly to talk to ourselves, and depending on how we have conditioned this part of our mind over the years we are always listening to it!
So if you are forever berating yourself, or telling yourself "you can't do this" or you "can't do that", sure enough, your unconscious mind will convey that message to your conscious mind and you will inevitably follow through, either in a positive manner or a negative manner.
If you think, "you can" you can! If you think, "you can't" you can't! It's as simple as that! So wouldn't it make sense to completely re-programme the software that is your brain and talk to the part that influences your every move, thought and decision (unconsciously) during every waking and sleeping second and actually make it work for you.
Imagine making life shaping positive decisions even when you're asleep, and your mind and body following through because you have "rewired" your neural pathways.
Instead of going down the constant "negative" pathway that they have been used to, you are now forming much more exciting "neural" pathways to "positivity" which will only increase and get stronger every time you use them.
Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed not simply endured!
It’s time to wake up and take control of not only your, but also your own destiny!

Author's Bio: 

Part one: An idyllic and perfect world!

A career in graphic design and page layout spanning over twenty years, a successful career in a large London advertising agency, beautiful wife, gorgeous adorable kids, wonderful home, his and her cars, motorbike, holidays and a reasonably comfortable and balanced life.

Everything I had ever worked hard in my life for, but to be honest it never ever seemed like hardwork because I was having such a great time and literally enjoying every minute of it.

Work was fun and enjoyable and home life was wonderful!

Then I was to make the fateful decision that was going to change the course of my life forever!

I set up my own multi media agency based in London’s trendy Carnaby Street, exciting times indeed but unfortunately due to a bad choice of business partner after three years of trading the business went bust!

Then just like the “twister” in “The Wizard of Oz” the universe decided I hadn’t been “listening hard enough” and decided to not only wreak total havoc in my life but to destroy it completely.

One week into the liquidation and hugely stressful talks with solicitors and constant infighting with my “business partner” my then wife who I had been married to for over twenty years decided to drop the bombshell that she didn’t want to be married anymore either.


There and then my life ended, I had lost my business, my wife, my children, my confidence, my self esteem, I had hit rock bottom with huge debts and no willpower left to make a fight of it. My rock, my cornerstone, my anchor, my family had been ripped away from me with no chance whatsoever of reconciliation.

There I was, a grown man having to go back and live with his Mum (bless her) because I felt I had nothing to live for and just had this huge emptiness inside of me.

Part two: The comeback!

If anything I’ve always been a fighter and more importantly a “doer”, an action man who likes to get things done and has always lead from the front and taken whatever action has been necessary to see things through to completion.

I’ve worked out almost daily since I was 21 and always been into a healthy lifestyle and whether it was weight training or kickboxing I’d always found that it was my daily workouts that kept me sane, centred and focussed, so deciding to become a kickboxing instructor was a logical step.

I had so much fun teaching and training people in every major gym in London that I decided to add to my skills and become a personal trainer and nutritionist/weight management coach. This proved to be an excellent choice and major factor in shaping the career and lifestyle I now follow.

Within a short period of time I had a successful clientele across London, training clients in their own homes in Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea and Knighsbridge.

The one factor that was constant in this was the fact that you’re not just a trainer to your clients, you become a confidant to everything that’s good or bad in their lives, and I found that even though I had the experience to listen and give out “sage advice” I didn’t feel qualified to do so.

Gaining my diploma in life coaching was the next major step in my life which then lead to a natural progression (for me at least) to becoming NLP qualified (neuro linguistic programming) and an advanced clinical hypnotherapist a fantastic combination which I found it to be one of the most awesome tools in helping to facilitate positive change in peoples lifestyles.

With my background and life experiences I know I have the perfect combination of tools and strategies to move any individual or organisation forward and have been doing so for over ten years.

Part three: Now!

I run corporate workshops on Personal Safety, Confident Life Skills and Managing Workplace Stress through Emotional, Physical and Nutritional Well-being.

I was approached by Sopexa the international marketing company to head their lifestyle campaign on French cheese “Vive le Cheese” and shot a lovely video with celebrity chef Sophie Wright

I’ve done numerous talks on radio around personal safety, healthy lifestyles and confidence building and body language.

After seeing my fun and educational YouTube videos I was approached by TV production company Knickerbockerglory TV to appear in their new genre of comedy show “Boom Town” which is due to air for six weeks from August 14th at 10pm on BBC3, with repeats shown on Saturday also.

I continue to expand and am concentrating and focussing on becoming the UK’s leading Lifestyle Expert.