Advertising your business is essential to generate sales revenue. The main purpose of these promotional activities is to gain potential consumers and publicise the producer’s products and services. There are various different methods through which businesses can be advertised, some of which are; newspaper, magazine, radio, television, direct mail, brochures, catalogues, fax, online and social media etc. For successful advertising, the presentation of the brand through these means should be in an attractive manner with properly integrated marketing strategies.

Advertising through newspapers:
Newspapers are widely spread throughout the local community and therefore it is an easy way to document your goods and services in a customer appealing manner. It can target specific demographics, which are otherwise difficult to reach through other means. It is very affordable as compared to other alternatives as well as time-saving. It is a very convenient way, and only in a span of a few days, your target audience with your desired product message is addressed.

Advertising through magazines:
The reason why magazine advertising is preferred is its ability to deliver product offerings graphically and in an artistic eye-catching way. Magazines are very specific therefore target audience can be reached more effectively if the right magazine is chosen. Small businesses also get their chance to properly present their companies in a more operative manner. Magazines last longer than newspapers and it is highly likely that a consumer finds your products after a year when you advertised it. But magazines ads are more expensive due to the quality they guarantee.

Advertising through television:
Television advertising has been the most successful means of displaying a brand. It is quite useful for large businesses which cover the large market area. For products and services which require an explanation of how they work through sound, motion and sight should opt for television advertisements. They attract the largest number of consumers for substantial goods. But television ads are very expensive therefore they can serve as a huge risk to the business.

Advertising through brochures:
It is a cheaper way to advertise small businesses, which also offers discounts due to printing in bulks. Brochures are readily available for potential consumers and can be widely distributed cost-effectively. They are easy to read and contain all the necessary details about the product in a graphically chosen way.

Advertising through online media:
Online advertising is now one of the most easily accessible ways to market a company’s product. Using a logo and a tagline on social media is enough to gather a large variety of potential consumers. Costumer relationships can also be easily garnered through this means. It also provides quick product promotion worldwide. Online advertising is timeless and can give consumer access 24/7 in a relatively low-cost manner.

Advertising through Fax Broadcasting:
Fax marketing or Fax Broadcasting is one of the cheapest ways of direct marketing. It delivers a company’s message to the intended audience without the need of investing in other marketing strategies. Direct fax advertising combines characteristics of telemarketing and direct mail in "blasts" that send flyers directly to recipients' fax machines. Direct fax is commonly compared to direct mail in terms of cost and effectiveness. Recipients' response rate to direct fax advertising is highly variable.

According to a study published in "Quirk's Marketing Research Review," fax marketing is more effective than direct mail. Response rate paints an incomplete picture of the effectiveness of direct fax advertisements. Estimates from companies involved in fax marketing range from 0.5 percent response to more than 8 percent. It requires clever presentation skills due to its black and white restrictions and average quality. But it is definitely feasible for small startup businesses.

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Misty Jhones