At the onset of a new year, many Christians resolve to draw closer to God. Some commit to read their bibles more, some pledge they will attend church more regularly, while others determine to spend more time in prayer. Even though God knows our every thought, He does like for us to communicate our desires to Him. Some people pray without expecting immediate results, while others have an unfaltering faith.

One man was distraught with the apathy of his church. In the Sunday morning worship service, he led in prayer for this concern: “Dear Lord, please shake this place and shake us.” To his surprise, the answer came instantly and in an unexpected way. A driver traveling on the street by the church lost control of his car, and it careened into the side of the church, knocking it off its foundation.

Another prayer was prayed in childlike faith. A pastor and father of four young daughters fell sick with a virus. To avoid infecting the entire family, he cloistered himself in the bedroom. His three-year-old couldn’t bare the thought of her dad suffering in solitude. She burst through the door and jumped on the bed where he lay. Immediately, he tried to shoo her out before she caught his bug. “Daddy can’t I pray for you before I go?”

How could a dad refuse that request? She prayed, “Dear God, touch my daddy and make him better so he will stop puking.” God heard that plea and soon had her father restored.

A recent email prayer, which has been circulating, leans toward the ridiculous: “Dear Lord, this year give me a fat billfold and a slim body. Please don’t confuse them like you did last year.” Although this may bring a chuckle, praying is a serious matter and should be done believing God can and will answer, even if His response doesn’t come in the form expected.
My prayer for my writing and speaking is, and has been, for God to use my efforts at humor and inspiration to heal sorrows and bring Christ’s joy to people. I recently received the following email regarding my latest book, Laughing with the Lord; this served as encouragement for me that God has heard this prayer: Yesterday, I talked to my friend Cheryl who has breast cancer. You signed a book for her. She mentioned how she carries it with her everywhere, and while she is waiting for an appt. or just needs a pick- me-up, she will read a chapter in your book. She said it has really been great to give her a laugh when she feels down. Thought you might like to hear that. I told her I will have to get her the other two books. - J.S.

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Eubanks,autor and Christian humorist, lives in Albertville, Alabama with her husband of 52 years, Rev. Steve Eubanks. She is mother to three sons and grandmother to 8 wonderful grands. Her published books include Humorous Happenings in Holy Places, And the Angels Laughed, and Laughing with the Lord. She also writes for Anniston/Gadsden Family Christian Magazine and Events Marshall County Magazine. Eubanks brings both humor and inspiration to the many audiences to which she speaks each year.