"Having panic attacks was certainly one of the worse days of my life" as quoted by a friend. I know it is hard to believe and convince those people who don't have such condition, but I can feel this man. Challenging experiences are part of the path you will go through if you want to prevent panic attacks - it won't really be that easy.

There are many people who will try to help you on how to prevent panic attacks however not everyone can give explanation on how these panic attacks come about. Before I share some techniques for you to prevent panic attacks, I will share important information first so that you will have a bird's eye view on how these triggers cause panic attacks.

You must understand that not all triggering factors of panic attacks are the same to all sufferers, they differ from person to person. Repressed anger and unsolved problems are common causes of anxiety attacks. Determining the cause is the most important goal.

You can think about your thoughts, try to know whether there is that one specific event in your life that had once affected or disturbed your feelings resulting to anxiety. At times, though you don't think of that specific problem, it disturbs you indirectly.

Identifying panic causes is important for identifying triggers can actually help you deal panic episodes. How is it feasible to stop a plant from bearing flowers if you haven't killed the roots in the first place? If you find out what certain issue in your life triggered your attacks then go ahead and resolve it first right before you go on with your therapy.

After being done with that, everything else will just fall into their appropriate places. You will eventually discover how to relax and be calm and then you will observe you are actually lessening occurrence of panic attacks. You can also try meditation as it can actually speed up the process of recuperation.

If in case you are still waiting for my tips on how to manage panic attacks to be revealed, then I guess you still did not get my point. What I am trying to point out here is, there aren't any way for you to completely and entirely stop the disorder. Even if you keep running from the things or people that causes your attacks, in the end you do not stop it but you are just simply prolonging the process.

If you really want to prevent panic attacks from happening, then I advise you work on the root cause first. Just like what I have said, you need to kill the roots of the tree first for it to stop bearing fruits. In the same way, you only stop your attacks if you resolve what causes it.

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