The private limited company is a very common and well-known type of corporate legal entity in India. Although privately limited company registration is very much controlled by the ministry of corporate affairs, company act, 2013 and the companies incorporation rules,2014. So, to register a private limited company, a minimum of the two shareholders and two administrators is required. Although a natural human being can be a director and shareholder as well, a corporate legal entity can only be a shareholder.

Distinctive features of a private limited company like restricted liability protection to the shareholders, the capability to raise equity funds, separate lawful entity status and perpetual existence makes it recommended the type of business equity for billions whether it is small and medium-sized businesses which are family owned or is professionally managed. Proworktree is the market leader for the services which are related to company registration in India.

Proworktree will surely help you to register a private limited company, one person company, Nidhi company, producer company or Indian Subsidiary. The time taken to complete any company formation is about 10-15 working days which is subjected to government processing time and the client documents submission. Also, get a free consultation for private limited regarding company registration and business startup by just scheduling an appointment with a Proworktree advisor.

Reasons to register a private limited company

● provides the separate legal entity
The private limited company is basically a legal entity and a juristic person established under the companies act. So, a company has a range of lawful capacities which includes the opening of a bank account, appoint employees, or acquiring licenses and more as an independent corporate entity. All the shareholders/directors of a company have no personal accountability to the creditors of a company for the company’s debts.

● Uninterrupted Existence
The private limited company has never ending existence until it is lawfully dismissed. A company is a separate legal person, it is unchanged by a death or other member departure and it continues to be in existence without depending on the ownership.

● Easy transferability
The ownership of a particular business can be easily shifted in a company by resettling shares. All the signing, filling, transfer of the share transfer form and share certificate is very much enough to transfer the ownership of a particular company. In a private limited company, the agreement of the other shareholders can be required to effect the share transfers.

The documents required for company registration

● Identity and the address proof
Identity and the address proof documents are very much required for all the directors and the shareholders of the company to be incorporated. If you are an Indian citizen pan card submission is a must. And the documents submitted should be valid. Also, the address proof like bank statements and the electric bill should be or less than 2 months old.

● Registered office proof
All the companies should have a registered office in India. To proof submit a recent electric bill or property tax receipt or water bill is a must. Also with the utility bill, rental agreement and a letter from the landlord with permission to use the office as a registered office of a company must be provided.

● Obtaining DSC and DIN
The digital signature certificate and the director identification number is very much important for the proposed directors of the private limited company. DIN and DSC can be acquired for the proposed directors within 5 to 7 days positively.

● Name approval
The minimum and a minimum of six letter should be submitted to MCA. Subject to availability, naming guidelines and the MCA handling time

● Company Registration
The important files should be submitted to the MCA along with an application with the enrollment. MCA will accept the application incorporation within 5-7 days subject to handing time.

Thus Business registration has become an imminent part of business for carrying out day to day activity. Know more in details about Private Limited company Registration

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