The majority of people carry 'negative baggage' in their minds.
This creates a barrier, a mental obstacle to achieving success in anything.

This mental -emotional chatter begins in the subconscious mind which then forms in the conscious mind as thoughts.
These thoughts then develop into outward negative statements in speech.
Recitals like "I can't!" or "I'm not clever!", "I'm not smart enough!" "I'm ugly!", "I'm no good at this!", are some examples.

These internal dialogues cause the 'average person' to give up.

But you're not an 'average person.'
Because you are reading this I know you are a person who wants to achieve, who wants to find answers.

You must smash through this negative barrier if you are to succeed in your new language.
There are only two ways you can do this.

You must re-programme your mind with positive messages
You must start doing it -practice, practice, practice.

Instead of saying "I can't!", replace with, "I can and I will!".
Instead of saying "I'm not smart enough!". replace with "I have the ability to do it if I want to!".

What I have just explained to you is so important.
It is one of the keys to succeeding in anything you plan to do.

We all have this negative mental chatter going on in our heads.
Winners, neutralize this by saturating their minds with positive messages.
Losers -well they do absolutely nothing about it, hence they never achieve anything.

Successful Mind Programming Part 2

Was just on my way to post this blog online when I recieved one of those "join a book club magazine."
Breezing through it I noticed a few language learning audios and CD's for sale.
Easy German, Easy Learning Greek, etc.

Let me tell you, learning a new language is "not easy."
It involves focus, dedication, commitment.
Don't be fooled by these book titles.

However you have the power, the will to make it easy FOR YOU.
How to do it?
Like this!

Take a blank sheet of paper.
Done that?
Now on this paper write the following statements,

I can achieve anything I want to, the whole world of opportunity is open to me.

I am becoming more positive every day, I am eleminating negative thoughts and feelings.

I have an excellent memory, it grows better and better every day.

I can bring great concentration to bear upon any subject at any time.

I am speaking and reading (language ) quicker and easier.

I love speaking and reading (language).

I am eager to get into action to learn (language) each day.

Each morning as you wake up, sit up.
Breathe very deeply so you are still relaxed.
Next read the statements above out loud.

Read the first affirmtion.
Then close your eyes, visulize yourself, being successful in speaking, reading your new language.
Go through the remaining affirmations the same way.

Sounds easy?
It is if you acquire the disicpline to DO IT every day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

IMPORTANT POINT!! You must visulize youself AS THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE after you have read the affirmation aloud.
This seeing youself in your mind's eye is most important, It's once of the keys to major progress, major change.

Many books have been written about the power of positive thought.
Later on when I advise you on recommended books and courses, I will go into more detail of the best books ever written on achieving success.
There ain't many.

Author's Bio: 

Carl Jeremy is publisher of How To Master Any Foreign Language

Manuals explain why most language courses fail to make learners into confident speakers. Followed by a step by step programme on how to master a new language. He uses the techniques outlined in the manuals to teach French and spanish to learners who desire to become confident speakers

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