Registered nurses are the backbone of healthcare system. About 50% of the worldwide healthcare workforce is constituted by nurses. They are the foot soldiers at the front lines of complex and ongoing battle to maintain individual and population health. Advanced knowledge and skill acquired by these individuals through their training and experience help them to render effective and quality patient care in both acute and ambulatory settings. Nurses are at the forefront of ensuring patient safety and quality healthcare through patient advocacy.

Specialty certifications add credibility to the individual nurse competency of caring for complex patients. This also adds a sense of achievement and ownership for their professional commitment. Progressive care certified nurse (PCCN) is such a specialty credential awarded by American Association of critical care nurses (AACN) certification Corporation. According to AACN, progressive care collectively describes areas in which acutely ill patients are cared for such as intermediate care units, direct observation units, step down units, telemetry units, transitional care units, emergency departments and so forth. PCCN specialty certification is introduced by AACN as part of their efforts to recognize progressive care as part of the continuum of critical care.

PCCN certification helps individual nurses to maintain up-to-date knowledge base regarding the disease processes and practice guidelines that are essential for providing effective patient care in the progressive care areas. The certification adds professional pride and dignity to the individual nurses and thereby collectively improve the quality and safety standards of the entire hospital system. These certification credentials are valued heavily in programs like ‘pathway to excellence’ and ‘Magnet’ recognition, that are the testaments of superior care rendered by the hospitals.

Adequate preparedness is essential for tackling the certification exam for PCCN administered by American Association of critical care nurses. There are many PCCN online review courses available however, PCCN certification review course offered by APRN WORLD® stands out in terms of the quality of material and the feedback system. Like any other standardized computer adaptive testing, PCCN certification specifically test competencies of progressive care nurse in rendering high-quality evidence-based effective safe patient care.

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