Tooth decay is a very common problem among kids and it is very evident as statistics say. At the age of 3 years old, 29% of kids already have at least one tooth cavity and by the age of 5 half of them are already affected by tooth cavities. These numbers are very alarming that is why parents always consider dental health as a top priority here in America. Let us keep in mind that tooth decay in milk teeth will have a negative effect on the permanent teeth that will replace them later on. This could become a reason for more serious dental health issues in the future. Here is a simple guide on how to teach kids proper dental hygiene to avoid dental health problems. This article is written with the help of the redwood city family dentist.


This task is your main weapon against tooth decay and other dental health issues. However, it is important to teach your kids the proper way of brushing and do not just let themselves brush their teeth for the sake of it. Assist them while they are brushing and make sure they’d be able to cover all tooth surfaces and sides. Also, do not forget to let them brush their tongues as well to wrap up the brushing session and let them rinse away all those toothpaste suds with water.

Type of Toothpaste Used

These days, there are already a lot of varieties when it comes to toothpastes found in supermarkets. You must make sure that the toothpaste product that you choose for your kids do not contain strong chemicals that may be harmful for their fragile teeth. Even though their teeth at this age are still milk teeth, you must keep in mind that any form of decay on these teeth will have a negative effect on the permanent teeth that will grow after the milk teeth are extracted.

Dental Visits

Have your kids get used to regular dental appointments to avoid them from developing fear of dental procedures and anxiety. Your kids should look at your family dentist as a person that will help them take care of their dental health rather than someone that they should fear of. There are negative implications towards dentists when it comes to kids that is why this needs to be erased while they are still young so that they will feel secure about dental visits later on when they become adults.

Educate them about Dental Health

Teaching your kids how to brush and floss properly including letting them attend regular dental appointments are not enough. You must also educate them on why they are doing all these things. Give them a thorough explanation why it is important for them to take of their oral health and how proper oral hygiene plays its role for that. You can take advantage of visuals as well to make it easier for kids to understand what you are trying to say. Images will definitely help because it will make things more fun for kids if there are visuals available.

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