The animal cookies or the indicia dominant hybrid is usually cultivated indoors. It is the strain that is known for the health benefits as well as the fragrance present in it.

Appearance of the animal cookies

It is the beautiful herb with the purplish bud with the orange hairs; it looks extremely beautiful and appealing in appearance. The herb is obtained by crossing two legend strains that are Girls scout cookies and the power Hybrid fire OG. It contains a high level of THC and some varieties also contain 4 percent CBD.

Cultivation of the animal cookies

The herbs are cultivated mostly indoors but sometimes the animal cookies outdoor grow is also preferred for see post. The cultivation is difficult and the beginners cannot harvest it easily. The special training is required for this purpose. In order to grow the herbs outside, the protection from direct sunlight is necessary otherwise the plant may get damage. It is good to protect with the plastic sheet which stops the direct exposure.
Its cultivation is critical, the person taking care of these herbs must trim them regularly as well must take care of its ventilation. For outdoor herbs, it is necessary to keep them warm and dry as well as take care of their ventilation. The best month for the cultivation is September; it provides the average yield of the 13 ounces of good weed during harvesting.

Common uses

The herb is widely used in the medical sciences and used for the treatment of the various ailments like
Chronic stress
Mood disorders.
Muscle spasms.
The other effects includes
Diseases in which it is helpful
It is used in the treatment of various serious diseases like
Crohn’s disease

The flavor of the herb

The flavor is earthy, pungent, nutty and sweet. It is used in various food preparation like potato stew.

Effects of the animal cookies

At first, it produces the strong effect after that it settles down. The high doses cause the heavy body couch lock. Immediately the person will feel relaxed and in an unwinding state. It is the perfect choice for those who want to relax and need a little nap while sitting on the couch. If the person continues to smoke it then it causes the severe couchlock.

The other effect is euphoria that the person feels highly positive and motivated. It is the agent that relieves the person worries and person tends to sleep peacefully. The continued use of the drug may cause addiction, in that case, it is important to avoid smoking it to get rid of the addiction.

It causes the potent side effects. It has slight side effects; sometimes high doses may cause dizziness. The person feels dehydrated and there is extreme dryness in the mouth.

How long weed stay in the system

It depends on the user that how frequently he uses the drug. If the consumption is rapid and frequent then the large amount of THC accumulates in the body and may cause serious effects. More the consumption more is the presence of the drug in the blood. One must avoid the abrupt use as it may cause serious issues in the future.

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