Think earnestly, even if our life’s PTSD experience has taught us to be mean.
To continue to mistreat others this way, we only allow misery to glean.

By persisting to act out old behavior, we deprive ourselves, too.
Instead of moving forward, we endorse what has made us blue!

We react to being threatened with misdirected anger to new situations.
As we apply old, unspoken rules life endures with complications.

With this kind of malicious thinking we become frozen in our past.
The little successes we struggled to make (most certainly) do not last.

When we feed old hurts, we only remove opportunities today.
Those once closed doors (we gained open) slam again, per say.

Being able to live in the present eludes us because of worry, and stress.
These carnal feelings eat their way into thoughts of the future in duress.

The feeling of being healthfully grounded escapes our mental grasp.
One event after another of negative emotions breaks like a chain’s clasp.

God sends a comforting person to each knotted circumstance.
He gives us mercy (instead of justice) by providing a second chance.

A hardened heart arises, if we do not take advantage of this time to change.
Know that it is from His grace (not earned) that hearts become able to rearrange!

Psalm 95:7,8 warns, “If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”
By not complying with a willful heart, His grace, and mercy soon departs.

God becomes indignant when we ask for His peace after such action.
Forthcoming grief soon surprises us with such a severe, reversed reaction.

We are like the merchant who was given forgiveness, but refused his servant.
It is necessary for us to have a humble, sincere heart for health to circumvent.

A good place to start a new lease on life is in our own family relationships.
Like the sailors chant to keep safe reflect on, “Loose lips sink ships.”

Those old sea-fairing men said what they wanted whenever, however, too.
They carried this blatant fashion of speech wherever they passed through.

Many a bar room brawl broke out with loose tongues without thought.
In regard to family relationships, practice silence sometimes as taught.

If we spoke our true thoughts out loud in such fashion life makes struggles.
Give each other the benefit of the doubt in decisions to promote snuggles!

This does not entail silence, completely in the case of fearful steps taken.
Sharing our concerns with soft, loving kindness, eases being forsaken.

To keep relationships peaceful we need to be aware of signs given, you see.
A certain look, or gently placing the head on a shoulder speaks to how to be.

Men tend to keep their emotions silent when they are stressed out.
In opposite, women need to talk a lot to someone to share without a shout.

Being mindful of how we react culturally, helps avoid misunderstanding.
Contemplation, through prayer, will aid discussions from being demanding.

God knows the intentions of each of our hearts without a word spoken.
Giving Him praise for doors opened (once closed) with gratitude is a love token!

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