The acts of trauma become like a dense, dark veil covering the soul.
Identifying the emotions to match the veil has to be part of our goal.

That is if we choose to allow our Higher Self to take control, you see.
This is the inner guidance that comes, once we receive it flowing with glee!

When the pains of PTSD have taken over the mind our heart is blocked, too.
What happiness we had is muffled, taken away to keep us feeling blue.

What you may not know is that there are dark forces who feed off of this.
Our sorrows, along with wars, and terrorist acts give them such bliss.

This force may be likened to the dark side of the Tao symbol of duality.
We may even imagine that spiritual expansion requires such reality.

If our spirit only experiences calmness, and goodness how can we grow?
Those souls who seek illumination have to go beyond the status quo.

When Jesus died on the cross for us He suffered every type of sin.
That is why He can feel our pain of any sort because He became its kin.

The glory of God is magnified in His Son, Jesus because He had no sin.
Yet, He took it all on himself with everlasting love so we could be His kin.

Christ’s rising from the dead ripped the veil between earth, and heaven.
He showed us the way out of the imprisonment on earth to rise as leaven.

So how can we lift the pervasive veil of PTSD that permeates the heart, and mind?
It does not come through intensive psycho-therapy, but healing of a different kind.

There are heavenly healers designed by Prime Creator to clear trauma.
They use sound, and color to calm during meditation to relieve such drama.

One must ask the Holy One, in Christ for such a healing favor to start.
Receiving such heavenly assistance will clear blockages in the mind, and heart.

Another way of clearing blocked passages in the body is through Qigong.
There is much more success in this when requesting Christ to come along!

Qigong is a Chinese energy clearing healing modality that I learned, and use, too.
The more time, and devotion to applying this healing brings skills so true.

Another type of this healing process I use through Kundalini Reiki energy.
They both are very effective, one Chinese, the other Japanese types of modality.

When we become freed from blockages in our organs we can heal our emotions.
We can get rid of fear, anger, self-loathing with this clearing, and use of devotions.

Our insides, and organs become scrubbed with heavenly dew so positively pure.
We become washed with the most vibrant flowing energy that makes us feel secure.

Once the physical body is cleared out, we are free to work on thoughts releasing.
Thoughts are the beginning of where our trauma starts over again reminiscing.

With prayerful contemplation, a Divine Light will begin to shine in our mind.
This Light is fed by gratitude, and performing loving acts of various kind.

Author's Bio: 

I use Kundalini/Reiki or Qigong universal energy to help people heal from just about any illness/injury. As a twice survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) I share my healing of negative emotions in rhyme inspired from the Divine (Jesus is mine!) In all cases it depends on how long the person has been suffering (and their willingness to move forward) as to how many 'sessions' it will take for them to heal. Sometimes only one session will do it! I combine my own gifts to help others heal, but using Universal Energy is considered a 'science' to open up blocked energy channels/chakras to promote restoration of health. I can do hands on energy healing, or even send the energy anywhere in the world where the person in need is connected to their own healing process (but I always include the Lord Jesus as my Master to do the healing.) It works! Even my church Minister allowed the energy I used with him to heal from the last stages of Cancer. Praise God! Call me or email me for an appointment at: (774) 271-7442. Peace, Risa Ruse