The fragrance of Pu-erh tea is not so conspicuous when it is brewed. If you smell it for a long time, it will smell whether it is a good tea; while the bottom of the cup is another charming point of Pu-erh tea. It ’s time to make a cup of tea with flowers, fruity, and camphor, drooling?

The aroma is pleasant and comfortable, and the charming aroma is intoxicating and refreshing. The aroma of aged Pu-erh tea is the most charming. If the new tea is fresh, then the Pu-erh tea stored for a long time is the most charming Chen Xiang.

I don’t know how the scent of Pu-erh tea is derived. Often the aroma of other teas does not exceed 3 years. But why can the aroma of Pu-erh tea be maintained for so long? I think it is very likely that other teas besides the greening process They are not compacted, but are loose tea wool, so the aroma is easy to loose. The Pu-erh tea was pressed so that the contents of the tea could not be released quickly, so the aroma was preserved. I also lament the wisdom of the ancients. I can think of making Pu-erh tea in a tight way. It was a coincidence, or it was deliberate, and it remains a mystery. The tighter the Pu-erh tea cake type, the more aromatic it will be after a few years. The loose tea cake in advance is not suitable for longer-term storage.
The aroma of Pu-erh tea should be changed like this. The first year is green, and it can also be said to be green. If you smell this smell, it means that it is the first spring tea of that year. The third and fourth years of the aroma gradually decline. No fragrance was felt when drinking tea. The aroma was rising in the 56th year; Chen Xiang gradually appeared in the 78th year.

There are also many types of aromas. As far as I observe, the aromas of good tea and sub-tea will develop in two directions, which are in sync with the development of the taste. One is to produce a wonderful scent, and the other is to produce Fishy. Fishy smell is different from fishy smell, it is fishy smell. The taste of any tea that smells of fragrant during storage must also decline, so everyone should pay special attention to it. When choosing to buy old tea, try not to choose fragrant Pu-erh.

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