Each kind of tea has different tea properties after different production processes, and the degree of fermentation determines the different tea taste. Tea friends who often drink tea have a certain degree of attention to tea. When they evaluate a good cup of tea soup, they must first look at the color of the soup, followed by tea flavor, tea aroma, and tea properties, and how the taste and return to sweetness are also their criteria. Do you know the tea characteristics of Pu-erh tea? Yunnan Pu-erh Tea is made from the fresh leaves of the fine variety of Yunnan big leaves. Its appearance is thick and plump, its color is black and brown, and its flavor is mellow and sweet. It is famous for its unique scent. The tea properties of Pu-erh tea include cold (cold), neutral and warm, while the cooked Pu-erh tea is mild and has a good effect of nourishing and warming the stomach. While raw tea is irritating and should be cold feature, friends with bad stomach are not suitable to drink, let's take a look at the tea characteristics of the five major Pu-erh tea.

Pu-erh tea is a unique local tea in Yunnan that has been formed since history. It is a series of sun-dried green tea from Yunnan's origin and processed into two series: Shengpu, which is directly reprocessed into finished products, and cooked, which is processed by artificial rapid fermentation, and then dispersed into tea. And pressed tea; after the finished product, the natural aging process continues, with the unique quality of getting older and more fragrant. Especially the longer-lasting Pu-erh tea is more effective, known as "beauty tea" and "slimming tea". The tea characteristics of the five Pu-erh teas are as follows:

1. The tea is mild and does not hurt the stomach. Pu-erh tea is a good medicine for nourishing the stomach and invigorating qi. The caffeine has been fermented for many years and will not be excited after drinking. In the past, Empress Dowager Cixi had the habit of drinking Pu-erh tea at night.

2. Pu-erh tea is a natural health drink with scientific basis. The tea characteristics of Pu-erh tea is that it has very good key-preserving effect. The anti-cancer health function of Pu-erh tea has been confirmed by the medical community, which has strengthened the confidence of Pu-erh tea people. The pharmacological properties of Pu-erh tea for fat elimination and weight loss, and weight loss have attracted countless beauty-sculpting people, and even middle-aged people can't do without Pu-erh tea.

3. Easy to punch and foam resistant, easy to operate. It can be brewed in a large pot, large cup or large bowl. After boiling water, drink hot. After drinking, the stomach is comfortable, and it has a good effect on senile constipation and frequent urination. Pu-erh tea supplementing qi and solid essence has a good effect on male impotence. The older the Pu-erh tea is (the longer the time), the better the effect of qi strengthening and impotence is. Some people suffer from prostatitis. Drinking Pu-erh tea is cured, which shows that its detoxification and anti-inflammatory function is significant.

4. Easy to save. Care should be taken not to seal it, and to let it breathe, because Pu-erh tea is a "living organism". Its main feature is the "post-fermentation" (or post-cure effect, aging) that continues after the tea body is completed. Role), with the extension of time, its flavor conversion becomes more stable and restrained, and the flavors of different aging tea bodies are different. This is also the tea tasting. Production and completion. " The final completion of a cake of Pu-erh tea may take dozens of years, nearly a hundred years, because from the tea leaves the tree until the hot water is poured into the pot, it is in the "modern progressive", and is always in the transformation process.

5. Drinkable antiques. The biggest characteristic of Pu-erh tea is its high collection value. Drinking Pu-erh tea at the same time is a process of experiencing life and drinking history. Few beverages or foods have the dual characteristics of "drinkable, hideable" Pu-erh tea. "Everyone can drink, the older the higher the price." New Pu-erh tea is a daily drink available to everyone. Old Pu-erh However, tea is also "price equal and gold", which is beyond reach. If it is "collection value" on the left end of "Pu-erh balance", it is "durable wealth" that only rises. But on the right side it is "drinking value". Drink a piece of "consumption wealth", then "time" is the "weight" walking between the two. As the weight of time moves to the left, the value of this cake and tea collection will be higher. "Drinkable, hideable" is the dual characteristic of Pu-erh tea. "Price is more expensive than gold". It is the benefit of time. It is an invisible asset and an insurance investment.

This is where the tea characteristics of Pu-erh tea are introduced. It is also important to drink tea that is "different from person to person". Everyone has different requirements for tea nature due to their different constitutions. The tea nature of each type of tea is different. It is recommended that you choose the corresponding tea according to your own situation. Only in this way, drinking tea can have health care effects. Do not blindly follow the trend.

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