At present, a major feature of the collection of tea cakes is that the circulation in the circle is far greater than the circulation in the auction market. If you don't have the experience or expert eyes on the front line, you should be more careful.

Mr. Zheng Yan summarized the five traps in the tea cake collection:

(1) Mountain Trap.
The collection of art is in pursuit of famous artists, and the collection of tea has always been about the mountain. The original famous mountain label was the guarantee of tea quality. However, nowadays, the famous mountain tea is not only expensive and bizarre, but also because of people's blind pursuit and over-picking, its quality is no longer true. Moreover, a large number of foreign tea sources are processed and labeled with famous camellia. The famous mountain label has become a rhetoric of business hype.

(2) Low-cost trap of pure ancient trees.
Take the purchase price of spring tea from Erhai Tea Factory in 2012 as an example: the cutting price of wool tea grown from cuttings is more than ten yuan to forty yuan per kilogram, while the purchase price of ancient tree tea is thousands of yuan per kilogram. There is a limited number of ancient tree teas, and it is not easy to buy high-quality pure materials at high prices. It is lack of common sense for sellers to sell so-called ancient tree pure materials at low prices.

(3) the concept of pure wild tea.
Since human beings began to collect and grow tea, tea plants suitable for drinking have generally been domesticated by humans. Even if it is not an artificially cultivated tea tree, it cannot be called pure wild tea after human intervention such as human picking. The large number of wild tea cakes and tea bricks on the market is a pseudo concept to a certain extent.

(4) To be specific for hundreds of years or even thousands of years of age is also a kind of self-deception.
Unless a tea tree is cut down and its annual rings are observed, it is actually difficult to infer its specific age. Due to poor soil and fertile soil, the thickness of the trunks of old trees of the same age varies greatly. Several tea science experts in the industry commonly infer the age of an old tree, and the result actually ranges from more than one hundred to six or seven hundred years. It can be seen that estimating tree age is a subjective judgment without scientific basis, and it cannot be trusted as a standard for pricing. You need a detailed record.

(5) The Pu-erh tea collection pays more attention to the wrapping paper and inner tea of tea products. The paper and printing used in different periods are not the same. Understanding the relevant content will not only enrich our knowledge of tea products, but also identify the authenticity of tea cakes. Played a great role in the process.

The tea cake collection is first and foremost a sensory experience and has nothing to do with the story. If you want to improve your tasting power, you must continuously improve your experience in collecting tea on the front line, drink more and more body odors, and even get to know more experts. Tea is the best way to know people first. You can really understand what a good tea is if you have a strong mouth feeling and a good body feeling.

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