First, let me tell you that I had the same problems you did. I've say alone with my mind in jumbles. I asked myself how I can win back my girlfriend and correct the mistake I made. Although it might seem hard, the truth is that it's possible for you to do this. Following are some questions that you might be worrying about:

Q: How can I win my girlfriend back if I did something that was wrong?

A: Alright. You will need to apologize if you've made a mistake. You can't really avoid doing that. It's a good idea to know exactly why you are apologizing for first though. Make sure that you are serious about the apology. Then leave it at that. Apologizing excessively would not make you look good in their eyes. After that, allow your girlfriend time to think about the whole situation. This may seem ineffective at first but the truth is that you are allowing your ex time to miss you. Don't be too surprised if after a few days, she tries to contact you instead of the other way around.

Q: Without doing petty games, how can I win my girlfriend back?

A: Well, the best way you can do this is to let her see the guy she was in love with at first. If you're like me when I was dumped by my girlfriend, then I can tell that you're feeling pretty lousy right now. Maybe you even did things that you wouldn't have ordinarily done. Regardless, you are not yourself during this time. So take some time off and try to remember your priorities. Don't do anything you normally wouldn't do. Also, you could use this time to move and develop your life for a better future. Have you postponed some things in your life? Perhaps getting that better position you want at work or maybe just losing a few pounds? Use this time to start working on your life. Once your girlfriend sees the developments, she will find you appealing again. She will also notice how your self-confidence has increased.

Q: If my girlfriend is already seeing someone else, how can I win my girlfriend back?

A: Although it might sound unreal, you should know that she is still thinking about you from time to time. Moving on is hard after a break up and even with a new man in her life, she is definitely comparing him to you. If you follow the advice given on the previous question, then you should be coming off as the guy who is improving his life. Add the fact that the two of you have had excellent history together and this new guy wouldn't have a chance.

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