The Chinese have a process or way of living using Qigong that enhances health.
In fact, they go beyond internal movement of life force energy to include wealth!

The healing art of Qigong opens up our body’s organs channels to release blocks.
We need to do this (as much as possible) like changing our daily, dirty socks!

Different was the process of Daniel 10:2,4,15-19 who withheld washing himself.
He denied himself the luxury of pleasant foods, and anointing the body’s health.

For him mourning three full weeks promoted his spiritual strength, and vision.
Denying himself attracted the help of our Lord through such a stringent decision.

Both the act of denying the self from cleansing, and Qigong with Feng Shui succeed.
It is an oxymoron to achieve similar results to increase spirituality, if we heed.

We are able to accomplish our life’s goals either way, or combining all three.
Using Qigong to clear away blockages with Feng Shui, and fasting helps me.

Practicing this is likened to how faith works, as the evidence of things unseen.
Diligently applied practices mentioned will bring a renewed sense of well-being.

The initial steps to starting all three encompass cleaning out clutter, you see.
Qigong clears out energy channels that are internally set inside you, and me.

Once this is done, we are free to become our true self with converted vitality.
Fasting releases spiritual blockages to enhance our sense of good morality.

So by eliminating extra indulgent food we increase our spirituality enhanced.
Again, the premise of getting rid of what we do not need to become advanced.

The requirement of using Feng Shui starts with de-cluttering our environment.
It encompasses a sense of making things flow balanced, and not bent.

All of this premise of getting rid of what we do not need can be trying.
For some, attachments to things having to release may cause crying.

This is where using our Higher Power can help us de-cluttering self, and home.
Once we start releasing negative emotions, and things it mirrors being grown.

Although, the rules entail that we stay away from straight drawn lines, too.
Sharp edges pointed in furniture, and buildings can make us even blue!

This is a premise in Qigong that outraged emotions are like poisoned arrows.
We want to navigate around them, and in between negativity that narrows.

Colors become cultural, as well as relevant in healing matters, indeed.
For instance, white in America symbolizes things that are a joyful seed.

The color black is considered good luck in China for business especially.
Not so much in the USA where we think of funerals, and death, rationally.

Feng Shui directs us to how we should rearrange physical objects for success.
This involves success in relationships, spirituality, business, and wellness.

Rearrangement does not stop in our environment, but also in a changed mind!
There is so much power in making a decision to change thinking that is unkind.

Life force energy is the breath of life that balances with inhale, and exhale.
Our body knows instinctively to cleanse while releasing both male, and female!

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