When we find ourselves faced with a troublesome issue, reflect first.
Be quiet, and still your senses so that the answer comes as you thirst.

In silence ask yourself, “What caused this strange situation to begin?”
Looking over what emotions have overflowed will keep us from a spin.

You know, that circular movement of thought that boomerangs each time.
Were we upset about something, or someone whose voice continues to chime?

That is what goes on after experiencing PTSD with patterns of thought.
Even though the event(s) have passed, a solution needs to be sought.

Shall we continue punishing ourselves for what we, or others have done?
We sabotage new relationships (believing ourselves unworthy) before begun.

There is a difference in how we view ourselves from what is viewed, natural.
In a negative way, we may think this person is trying to take over our control.

Pray for strength, and guidance so that we can wash out old ways of thinking.
This allows us to embark on a sturdy ship, instead of one that is sinking.

We can then have a better perspective of where we stand in an unclear situation.
What is removed is what scared us, with emotions attached with contemplation.

There is an advantage to having had life’s rug pulled out from under our feet.
We become intuitively keener to analyzing intentions from the persons we meet.

Who would have thought that there could have been an upside to having PTSD?
It only becomes an advantage when we can truly identify our emotions, you see.

This is where having a mental tool, of such, comes in handy to use each day.
Qigong is a tool that when practiced, or performed on clears emotions away.

This ancient Chinese energy clearing technique keeps the good feelings, too.
A proficient practitioner balances our energy, preventing what makes us blue.

It acts as a stabilizer to brush away the rough emotions caused from fear.
Visualize a crane dipping into clogged seaweed in the ocean, afterwards clear.

Once the seaweed (mental) blockage is removed mobility becomes possible.
Having learned, and practice this process daily, I can proclaim it is reliable!

Depending on how deep that mental seaweed runs, determines how long.
Getting to the core of health is like listening to an album for a favorite song.

The primal emotions of PTSD begin with fear, and anger that keep us on guard.
These emotions can have their place in protecting us from what is mentally hard.

A true sign that healing has begun is when we start to feel safe for sure.
Only then can we let go of fear, and anger to promote a healthy cure.

Did you know that most emotions have a spirit in themselves to rebuke, or stay?
We would want to allow the emotion of love, while making anger to go away.

Calling upon the Lord Jesus to protect us (while rebuking the devil) will help.
There is no doubt that will make negative spirits run away with a swift yelp!

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Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD?) Contact me and I will share from my own twice-healed experiences. I am also a Qigong and Reiki Practitioner doing Poetry Workshops. Family, friends, and those with PTSD find me at: http://www.RisaRuse.com. See my books on Amazon at: http://www.CreateSpace.com/5289024. Namaste!