Conquering covert, and overt evil in the world starts in our own heart.
Putting away our past hurts from PTSD is the way to a good, healthy start.

Saint Paul’s Philippians 3:13 concentrates on eagerly moving forward.
We must set our minds to move past what issues kept us going backward.

Otherwise, it is as if we were bound like the man in chains confined in the tomb.
The demons possessed his wellbeing, making it better to have not left the womb!

What was amazing is that Jesus came right to the shore where he was bound.
In the possession of demons the man escaped, knowing Christ could be found!

Those of us surviving from our trauma only need to reflect on this, too.
To move ahead means to get out of the dead places that make us blue.

No matter what we have done to survive the difficulty, we can overcome.
Of course, this is easier said than done, and even more difficult for some.

What can give us strength to try is acknowledging we are God’s creation.
When we choose to accept Christ in our hearts, and lives we are His relation!

Whether we are sick, forgotten, abound, or poor we become daughter or son.
No matter how our circumstances seem glued down, a new thought has begun.

It is in that perfect moment of decision to turn off poverty in the mind it begins.
We become inspired to trying new ways to overcome past, and present sins.

Qigong is a constructive way to start clearing away blocked thoughts that harm.
It is an ancient Chinese healing methodology where we can make illness disarm.

Our negative thoughts are the ammunition needed to proliferate illness, and fear.
That is why Qigong works so well because of its ability for bad emotions to clear.

Contemplate on how far ahead we could be if we no longer were immobilized.
Those emotional bullets have no effect on how our energy becomes revitalized.

It is like pouring out decay-filled water, replacing clean water in a clear glass.
Qigong rids us of negative thoughts that putrefy our life’s energy so it can pass.

Once the channels in body, and mind are cleared from blockages we can heal.
We become hedged in with healthy pathways that trauma used to clog, and steal.

The manacles on our minds, and bodies’ fall off us, like the man entombed.
We must mange new thoughts now to steer us along, so we are not doomed!

Let us determine what things we can do to show our gratitude for freedom.
We can contemplate the goodness that comes from kindness in God’s kingdom.

Beginning to pray again with hope through sorrow keeps us from worry.
There is renewed confidence that our prayers are heard from any query.

Sharing our endowed gifts, whatever they may be, will proliferate prosperity.
For as we give, so shall it be given unto us that, also, explains our poverty!

Now that our channels are clear to think positively, we can pursue our purpose.
We are born for a reason, through prayerful dedication it can be revealed to us!

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