John 14:12-14 states, “That whatever we ask in My name, the Father will do.”
We can bank on that happening when we run towards our purpose to pursue!

Knowing what that Divine purpose is that was created for us is key.
Not asking for something that does not fulfill the Father’s will, you see.

We are drawn like magnets when we are near to finding the treasure of our purpose.
God is the metal detector that hides deep within the hearts of each of us.

Those of us with PTSD may have a skewed outlook on what to ask for.
We may even ask in prayer for God to make things back (as once before.)

This would be a terrible mistake because whatever happened to us is done.
There was a hidden reason for that to have occurred (for a new life has begun.)

Each mistake we have made, while dealing with our past, is for our future.
Only through prayer and faith will answers appear so we can see the full picture.

The thing that affected us the most draws us in healing others like that, too.
Once we have accomplished overcoming our grieving spirit, such becomes true.

One-way of winning over our emotional obstacles is through using Qigong energy.
The active exercises open our energy channels so our spirit and emotions agree.

Think of it as painting over a deteriorating wall that needs some prep work first.
We work at plugging up all the holes, to make the wall smooth and not to burst.

This Chinese healing process mentioned sands away the rough edges inside.
Combining the skill of the practitioner with the Holy One clears what did hide.

PTSD is like mildew of the mind that needs to be completely taken out.
The powers of Christ moves away the dampness of what sickness is all about.

In Qigong this is called “getting rid of excess energy” to make our channels right.
The wind inside these channels spin to clear the way, making our organs bright!

It will take a certain amount of time to keep these channels open, per say.
The more build up we have, the more time it takes with diligence each day.

The more layers of paint (or energy) to be removed will take diligent effort to let go.
Asking in prayer for a clean heart and forgiving spirit quickens this, you know.

Trusting in the process of the Universe helping us to let go, makes progress.
If we do not daily give thanks to God for such heavenly helps, we shall digress.

One of the first steps to letting go is making an affirmation to start the process.
It is like giving permission for our trauma to leave so we do not regress.

The strategy to follow is finding ways to forgive and love one another.
This goes beyond what we say, but do to also love oneself and brother.

It is so much more than just attending a church service once a week.
Performing even the smallest kind acts each day repels what was bleak!

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