Isaiah 43:18-21 describes temptations’ power over us as being done.
There God proclaims how He makes a way, once His will has begun!

He arrives like the Calvary with guns blasting whether on land, or sea.
The battle is not just won, but the enemy is rebuked to destruction, you see.

Those of us with PTSD benefit from emotions becoming extinct, you know.
Fear, and anger are temptations of the mind that would continue to grow.

These emotions are like the Amalekites in ancient times that did not perish.
Even though God sent King Saul to destroy them, bootie he rather did relish.

A childhood reminder is that if you cannot do something right, do not do it.
We need to have a certain amount of tenacity, with faith not giving into a quit.

In 1 Samuel 15:1-35 the story is told how holding onto what was meant to let go.
If we want to truly be healed from our past trauma we must, also, put it in tow.

This may include destructive relationships that could never benefit our lives.
Anyone, friend, family, or foe who makes us go back prevents forward strives.

Having experienced trauma may keep us in a bad situation or circumstance.
With learned behavior from fright, we may be unwilling to take a chance.

Be aware that the satanic enemies of God are after our peace of mind.
They will play dirty pool using our weakness through trouble of all kind.

This becomes most evident when we are in tight places, feeling all is lost.
Indeed, God shows His mighty glorious hand triumphing, taking the total cost!

At that point, more than ever, we must forget the former things of old.
Neither to consider what has happened to us, obeying what we have been told.

Learning to be still (as in meditation) will help to open up to what we should do.
Then we stay in the present to contemplate, rather than on what was through.

Clearing our negative thinking pathways is essential to overcoming the past.
Allowing Qigong energy to unblock those channels will make healing last.

By getting rid of extra energy that is referenced as ‘qi’, we are open to change.
This Chinese thinking of the Universe made of qi, helps health to rearrange.

Think of qi as water freely flowing, and blocked qi as a damn that is clogged.
Our thoughts are as the ability to think lucidly, and positive rather than fogged.

Having negative thoughts that circulate circumvent joy to proliferate.
Contemplating on things that are true, kind, loving, with beauty is great!

Keeping in this frame of mind may not always be that easy to attain.
When obstacles are before us, rebuke them with a hymnal prayer refrain.

Such holy hymns that were sung while in sorrow broke chains in prison.
Many an Apostle proclaimed them with joy through Christ having risen!

That is a heavenly secret weapon to use against Satan’s attacks, you see.
Refusing to give into dark thoughts with happy songs helps you, and me.

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