When dealing with PTSD we need to ask ourselves a few things.
It is an internal conversation, where we wait to see what the answer brings.

We become our own judge, and jury when we examine each, and every fact.
It is important that we are truly honest, so as to keep our ego in tact.

The event of our trauma may haunt us with negative emotions that attack.
Those same old stalking thoughts that were cleared away came right back!

What we may not know is that the emotions of fear, and anger have a spirit.
Thus, we need to exorcise these through the Holy Spirit, to give prayer merit.

Since God is Eternal Spirit, we must give supplication to Him in His realm.
Meditation is the vehicle that will allow us to put the Christ Mind at our helm.

Daniel 10:12,13 confirm that Ancient of Days hears prayer through fasting, too.
After Daniel’s 21 days fast, the answer came for the future that holds true.

2 Timothy 1:7 confirm that God has not given us the pouncing power of fear.
Rather, Eternal Spirit has given us power, love, and of a sound mind my dear!

There is a secure way of accessing the positive spirits identified, you see.
It can be accomplished by using the science of Chinese Qigong healing energy.

Daniel’s vision was as an open door to the future, so is being in the Universe.
It is the same place, heaven’s gate (you might say) that describes this verse.

Qigong can, also, be considered an art of healing through skilled practitioners.
This alternative, medicinal therapy clears away emotional blocking spurs.

Just as the Angel told Daniel he had been blocked by the prince, so are we.
Satanic powers slither silently like a snake to keep us unbalanced, you see.

We may find ourselves going under one attack after another, without a rest.
This is how we will know we are close to our goals, withstanding each test.

The devil does not want us to achieve our purpose, but to keep us broken.
That is how he works to discourage healing by repeating words once spoken.

Such phrases that remind us of being told we were not worth a thing.
Without making a conscious effort to refute them, only loneliness will spring.

Our souls are like a dry desert without the water of worshiping the Creator.
We need to call upon the Father’s Son, Jesus the Christ to become our mediator.

Then the thirst of our souls will be quenched like drinking from a fountain.
Our body, and mind become strengthened, standing like a straight mountain.

Qigong clearing out emotional blockages of anger, fear, and despair help us, too.
We become open to the Universe’s door of opportunities, rebuking what is blue.

Fasting, meditation, Qigong clearing, are spiritual tools to open doors, per say.
These healing instruments should be done with a grateful heart when we pray.

The spirit of pride can be brought down when we pray on our knees.
Asking God to cleanse our heart will rebuke those stalking spirits that tease!

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Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD?) Contact me and I will share from my own twice-healed experiences. I am also a Qigong and Reiki Practitioner doing Poetry Workshops. Family, friends, and those with PTSD find me at: http://www.RisaRuse.com. See my books on Amazon at: http://www.CreateSpace.com/5289024. Namaste!