Perhaps, we with PTSD have been diligent in our healing practice each day.
We incorporate orchestras of alternative healing techniques, per say.

For myself, using Qigong energy relieves deep-rooted, blocked emotions.
Further releases of negative energy come with my own prayerful devotions.

Still, I am not witnessing open opportunities of prosperous growth, you see.
The circumstances that have kept a prison-like atmosphere continue to be.

Contemplating what is keeping things from progressing continues to perplex.
A new strategy is direly needed to undo the past, so present muscles can flex.

As a believer in Christ, using humble praises to glorify God continue.
There has even been contemplation of changing personal, religious venue.

Just when there is some sign of movement forward, something happens.
One emotional event follows another while disturbing family plight deepens.

Bishop declares that the devil has assigned demons to keep our destiny away.
We must trust that God created our end, while keeping the enemy at bay.

Satan knows this, too, and fights to delay our destiny to come true.
He and his demons may be able to obstruct our future, but it will come through!

Knowing that those dark forces are sent on purpose may relieve some stress.
Giving into fearful thoughts, anger, and depression will only cause distress.

If the dark one cannot get into our head, he will invade a loved one’s instead.
Taking the time to unravel their negative emotional attacks may cause dread.

It is one thing to fight one enemy at a time, and another when it is a legion.
That is what Christ references to when the battle is for a particular region.

Ephesians 6:12 strengthen us even more with this proclamation of armor, too.
We must be prepared to withstand evil attacks, through the Word that is true.

The present world of technology throws emotional poison arrows at us.
Sordid details of a fearful, and then lust-filled kind we need not discuss.

Viewing destructive materials that debase innocence and purity is an attack.
Such materials only serve to create a life of sordidness and spiritual lack.

Certain imbalances of the flesh include addictions to drugs, and even shopping.
Continuance in such patterns will keep blockages becoming, and hopping.

When deliberate destructive habits continue it affects all the body’s organs.
Negative behavior does not differentiate between a woman’s organs or man’s.

To be truly free from PTSD we must address the root of our actions, you see.
Once identified in what is lacking in our spirituality, we then allow joy to be!

Giving God the glory, and praise creates a seat for Him to enter our life.
Without drinking the water of worship in praising Him our lives are full of strife.

Then instead of God having a place in our life we have given it to the devil.
Neglecting our spirituality, and studies of such, proliferates evil.

Meditating on what is good, and right will reveal spiritual answers for us.
There is a reason behind why we went through a traumatic event to discuss.

This is not in regard to every event, but one in particular, of course.
The man that released pain on another eventually learned of remorse.

With remorse for not empathically seeing the whole picture, comes compassion.
The victim turns victor when having shared in the cross of Christ’s passion!

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