Having had PTSD attracts certain personality traits in relationships.
This can be very detrimental in finding healthy, positive partnerships.

An example, for me is finding appropriate tenants to rent my duplex property.
Interviewing them is a process of filtering out negative emotions, you see.

What happens is that single mothers come not just with misbehaved children.
They carry heavy, emotional baggage hidden inside, like a jackals’ ferocious den.

Once we have a couple of interactions, their true self reveals itself, by then too late!
We have signed a year’s contract that is legally binding (after running to close the gate.)

One aspect of having had bouts of PTSD, is that we become prone to long suffering.
Our healthy emotions have been soldered shut, with sorrowful expectations that spring.

We have become used to being mentally, and/or physically attacked on a daily basis.
It is like having had our legs broken, starting to heal, but still being in braces.

Happiness has become a fleeting fantasy that only others deserve (not for you, or me.)
Once healthy and strong (with a good sense of self) we withered away like a dead tree.

So it becomes second nature to accept that people are going to hurt us, deep inside.
We bottle up these feelings that ferment, and fester putting good thoughts aside.

We attract those who are banded in similar disabled emotional pools.
They, like us, are acceptant of tragedies that continue to come without healthy tools.

One may be oblivious to this, and ask, “What does it mean to have ‘healthy tools’? “
This kind of tool box contains medicinal aids to overcome, and abolish what rules.

Having experienced past trauma has taken over the mind’s kingdom, per say.
Prayer and fasting are an excellent means to get our thoughts trained as one way.

These make a special spiritual intent that leads to having strength to attain belief.
No devil, she or he, can combat a changed mind that has been given a heavenly relief!

Another healthy mind, and spirit tool comes with clearing out negative emotions.
Qigong practice of using Universal energy is worthwhile when done with devotions.

This 5,000 year old ancient Chinese practice gets rid of PTSD blocked energy channels.
Each negative emotion strengthens with similarity through emotional root funnels.

There is a cause, and effect syndrome of allowing disappointment to take hold.
If we do not look on the bright side of an unfortunate event, depression will unfold.

With depression can come loss of income, due to lack of self-worth, or confidence.
Spirits of negative emotions like bitterness, hate, and poverty are relevant evidence.

Using Qigong to clear out negative passages that clog up our organs becomes a key.
Once we are relieved of such blockages our mind can communicate clearly, you see.

Our life’s energy, called ‘qi’ is purified, made healthy to attract more of the same.
Having cleared out negative emotions, and replenishing the space becomes a game.

We now are on a winning team, not having to be the last one to cross the finish line.
Remember to have a spirit of gratitude when this happens through the Divine!

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Do you want to know more about PTSD? Contact me through my website, http://RisaRuse.com and see the 'Toolbox' of emotional releases I use daily through Qigong, and Kundalini/Reiki healing energy to help myself. They can help you, too, or a loved one with PTSD. Peace, joy, and prosperity, Risa Ruse