You know success is near when friends become haters, you see.
They realize there is something grander in you (they cannot be.)

It was all well, and good to give us encouragement when down.
After all, having to live with PTSD would make anyone frown.

For years, perhaps, our past trauma kept us apart from prosperity.
We were given crumbs of friendship, like donations to a Christian charity.

There was a lack that embedded not just our finances, but emotions, too.
If joy, and happiness were in an account for us we would be bankrupt, and blue.

Relationships during this time of depression may have been one-sided by you.
Forgetting we were loving-beings once before, shows what we went through.

Instead of being open to receiving a rewarding relationship, we cover our heart.
Nothing again will hurt us when we guard it from ever becoming torn apart.

This gives us a false sense of security in nothing goes in, but nothing goes out.
Having a closed off heart effects our thinking having less, is what life is about.

We stop expecting circumstances to change, and learn to just make do.
Those so-called friends around us continue in frivolous affairs, not having a clue!

Our holidays may now be separate, and alone from those we cared so much.
As time passes by, the people we held in high esteem may begin to lose touch.

Their lives are so complete; it seems, with vacations, jobs, and happy events.
For them life runs in a straight, clear, line unlike ours that has debilitating dents.

Then one day, we wake up like Rip Van Winkle from death’s grip on us.
We become free from blocked emotions (with subjects we dared not discuss.)

How could this happen after experiencing the depth of negative emotions?
For myself, my life’s transformation came through spiritual devotions.

Slowly, reckoning with my past injustices brought about new ways for me.
It seemed quite accidental that I received an email to learn to heal with Reiki.

That was the beginning to what became an even more healing practice, too.
I was hungry for the bread of life given with each attunement I went through.

Just when it seemed like this was the path meant for me, another email came.
It was an offer to take a course in Chinese Qigong, similar but not the same.

With cleared pathways in new thinking I achieved even more than expected.
Combinations of clinging to spirituality, with Qigong my blocks were affected.

With each active, and meditative exercise brought closer positive emotions freed.
It was like being back in the race of life with new prospects opening up, indeed!

The feeling of being haunted by the past had no hold on my mind anymore.
What happened next was having a new mind-set uplifted through an open door.

A purpose, and destiny became evident to me where there had been nothing.
Those who knew my emotional desolation, could not handle this new ‘thing.’

Now those who could not understand why I could not move forward did.
The table of life had turned on them where their lack of empathy hid.

One dreadful experience after another affected their family in sorrow.
It was I, instead of them, who lived in the present with a hopeful tomorrow!

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Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD?) Contact me and I will share from my own twice-healed experiences. I am also a Qigong and Reiki Practitioner doing Poetry Workshops. Family, friends, and those with PTSD find me at: See my books on Amazon at: Namaste!