The greater the gifted reward is congruent to a more stealth in affliction.
This explains why our cross seems heavier to bear from this contradiction.

My own cross came in the form of property catastrophe, together with infirmity.
The weight of the snow and ice was relentless causing damages to my vicinity!

Prosperity was planted in this soiled atmosphere that gave birth to renovation.
The insurance company watered what had been torn down, becoming restoration!

Trusting in a Higher Power to take up the slack moved me beyond myself, indeed.
More strength was given, in affirmation of that power from the Divine to heed.

We are only able to make this connection after we embrace our spirituality.
Those of us battling PTSD are blinded to this mind-set of unfamiliar conformity.

Until we have surrendered our afflictions to Christ, we do not see this.
This reconciliation of releasing our past to run towards our goals becomes bliss.

It is all about what we set our minds to contemplate on, you see.
The highest concentration to any event, past or present is where we will be.

Keeping the attention to our trauma binds our Higher Self from moving, too.
PTSD teeter-totters our peace of mind pushing thoughts back to keep us blue!

Practicing mindfulness and all its aspects heals a broken heart, per say.
Meditation and receiving Qigong energy clears the body and mind each day.

Those of us who practice Qigong healing may or may not all agree upon ‘we.’
A medical practitioner of this art may depend solely on his or her stored energy.

Depending on how much strength was stored, allows beneficial channel clearing.
Others solely depend on their spirituality to heal from a Higher Being endearing.

Then there are those (like myself) who use the benefits of both to heal.
Calling upon Divinity powers to protect one’s self wards off energy to steal.

Thus, the ‘we’ are those helping us to heal ourselves, and others through intent.
Meaning what we initiate in supplication for the highest good energy to be spent.

Contemplation and prayer allows us to see the bigger picture of affliction.
When heavenly helps appear (as if out of nowhere) our faith is given conviction.

We need to relate a new way of seeing and considering whatever our trauma meant.
Taking the time to connect this way keeps us from time being wastefully spent.

A revelation comes from Joel 2:25 in that what was lost will be restored.
Better circumstances with new relationships replace the loss of the hoard.

Allowing new thinking, to ask in prayer for the meaning of the past will be revealed.
With faithful diligence, we will begin to know our purpose that was once concealed.

Opportunities will present themselves through the Law of Attraction, too.
We may even be given benefits from what once made us grievously blue!

Success in any endeavor requires us to be kin to what we want to fix.
A prerequisite to helping others out of their sadness is empathy in the mix.

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