We know that if a recipe is missing a key ingredient, it will not bake right.
In the same train of thought, adding a distasteful one is an awful sight!

That is kind of the way PTSD works with our negative emotions, too.
The healthy, right batter of emotions are missing, so that is why we are blue.

Actually, we can move a step forward in this thought process of emotions.
The negative ones like anger, and fear proliferate without positive devotions.

Modern psychology would love to debate the reference of devotional discernment.
Instead, they may try to sway us to put each emotion as a mind-filled compartment.

That is alright if we are trying to get to the root of a negative, traumatic emotion.
Although, for true healing to begin we should connect this process with a devotion.

This may be through the practice of faith participation in a particular religion or belief.
Asking for my Higher Power in Christ, along with using Qigong has brought me relief.

For some of us who have not gotten to that conviction yet, Qigong is still a good pick.
It is considered a scientific, Chinese cure to getting rid of negative emotions with a kick!

This is through the premise that emotional ‘ingredients’ to PTSD will be cleared.
Thus, past trauma will be missing elements to its conduct of our thinking, smeared.

If anger is likened to baking soda in a cake, without that ingredient it will not rise.
When the elements of blocked channels causing fear are removed too, health can arise.

Let us go up to a higher level of spiritual thinking about the power of emotions, too.
Most emotions have a spirit connected to them that is intertwined right through.

There can be the essence of the Holy Spirit in us, or opposite as a spirit of heaviness.
God tells us in scripture He did not give us that spirit that makes us regress.

Isaiah 6:3 instructs us how to overcome that spirit of heaviness that causes depression.
It is in the act of giving God glory in praises for all He has done through intercession!

Here is a strategy (with a few tips) to help maintain the Holy Spirit to continue in us.
The most essential ingredient to this heavenly plan, we should first discuss.

The element so vital to maintaining our health comes from the spirit of gratitude.
Finding even the smallest examples of such will raise our spirit to a higher altitude.

How can we even think to rise to such a task if we remain stuck in the spirit of anger?
Granted, it may be beyond our ability to forgive others that makes fear’s spirit endure.

What may help is in knowing that each of these emotions opens more spirits, too.
Continuing to be angry invites a wrath-filled spirit of murder to pursue.

The devil proliferates these gangs of insidious spirits that mean to defame.
His intention is only to destroy our reputations, with the ability to maim.

We are given a choice of which spirits to attract to keep us from the spirit of fear, too.
It seems the most logical one to attract is the Holy Spirit to see us through!

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If Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder of the mind that affects every aspect of the person’s life why do Mental Health agencies neglect to link their patients to the peace of mind that comes from connecting to our Higher Power? As a twice survivor of PTSD (once as a child losing my mother to suicide and then as a mother) I have been using inspired rhyme that comes from the Divine to heal my own (and other groups of people) PTSD. Many Veterans are using poetry as a catharsis of their trauma, which is different from what the gift in rhyme I share that heals (not treats) a universal negative emotion or two at a time without reliving any trauma that makes it a safe place to heal. I have incorporated using Qigong, and/or Kundalini/Reiki in this healing process with great success!

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