Some folks may ask, “What does it mean to be still, and the benefits?”
If we want to change our circumstances, we have to kill our emotional fits.

These are a particular blend when talking about having experienced PTSD.
Rewinding a past, treacherous event blocks us from reaching, you see.

There are two major negative components of trauma’s emotions.
They are anger and fear that can be put in place by positive devotions.

Their strength overcomes the needed balance to be spiritually well.
Being fearful of past “ghosts” creates a band in the mind that can swell.

Instead of exhibiting loving, kindness in confrontation anger wins.
We see things in a different perspective, pulsating in frustrating mind spins.

Even if we are faithful in belief of a Higher Power we may remain stuck.
It takes time to be able to confront what ran over our emotions like a truck!

The time it takes is dependent on our wanting to make a conquest in life.
We must search ourselves to seek our worth beyond what causes us strife.

Those who have not been torn down in self-esteem can easily say this.
“They” are not the “us,” and do not understand (being in a sheltered bliss.)

Admittedly, it is more difficult to fathom emotional inertia if one is whole.
Getting back the feeling of reaching toward our purpose and joy is the goal.

In order to start the healing process we are required to confront the past.
Only if we clear what caused us our pain, will our peace be able to last.

No matter what kind of mental illness we may have, we need a reason “to be.”
We may just be delayed in obtaining it, but it is part of our spirituality.

Being fed up with how our life has unfolded may be the catalyst we need.
Our soul has a longing to connect to our original life plan that we must heed!

This is where the active action of not doing anything in the moment is required.
That is a simplistic description of how to get into the act of stillness inspired.

In the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong, being still comes while in the emptiness.
This seems like an abstract, atypical methodology that requires too much finesse.

It is more difficult to accomplish such harmony, for those who have a racing mind.
The wondrous benefits of making stillness a habit, is peace of the greatest kind!

While quieting the chatter in our thoughts we are also given answers, too.
Before we meditate ask the Master Jesus, or Source, “What makes us stay blue?”

Such is the gentlest, lovingly way to work out and confront the mind’s enemy.
Our Higher Power then assists us to conquer and resist self-destruction, you see.

While in the emptiness of meditation, we can acquire right feelings once more.
We connect with the splendid Universe that eventually opens prosperity’s door.

What attract to us now are special sponsors and mentors to support our need.
Recovery is strengthened, also, when we help others to make their mind heed!

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