It is usually a very long, winding road to recovery from events of PTSD.
If a person gets help right away, it may not take as long as it did for me.

After hearing a preacher’s message in a sermon, a revelation transpired.
He said that each of us has a seed planted by God (as I became inspired.)

He continued with the premise that our pitfalls cannot mutilate that seed.
Eventually, through prayer, sacrifice, and solace we can attain our destiny.

The devil is a liar, and a thief trying to take away opportunities for our purpose.
He cannot create anything, but replicate trials we fail while refusing to discuss.

Those of us who experienced past trauma lose heart to try again, too.
Instead of contemplating on our blessings, we reminisce about what keeps us blue.

That action holds the key to getting over PTSD, or remaining a prisoner inside.
Most often our emotions get filled with gook that collects, and continues to hide.

When we no longer control our anger, we attract an angry spirit that hates.
We sabotage our future opportunities with hurt feelings that close like gates.

Our self-talk begins a negative spin that actually creates physical pain, or illness.
No matter how hard we try to move forward, our lives continue to regress.

This is where we need an intervention to open channels of progress to begin.
Doing so with the premise of getting rid of collected clutter in the mind, like a bin.

Qigong is a scientific, and can be a spiritual pathway to clearing cluttered energy.
Negative emotions like anger, fear, and revenge block love away, you see.

Soon enough these take over while positive, loving relationships are rebuked.
Having dreams of a better life fade away, and future happiness is now nuked!

What is left is no longer a whole person, but a shell that is emptied from kindness.
The term, ‘misery loves company,’ draws such as those with like-mindfulness.

A good-luck bamboo tree does not even have a chance to grow in stupor air.
Like a plant put in poisoned ground, healthy thinking is not an act to be able to bear.

Those of us, who have been able to progress, now see the urgency to go further, too.
Connecting to our Higher Self, to combine with the Creator, becomes what to pursue.

Practicing the Chinese art of energy healing in Qigong enables this to evolve.
When we learn to get into the ‘emptiness’ there is no problem God cannot solve!

It is a preparation for the rapture of Christ who will come again, once more.
Given our emotions become cleared from negativity, our focus is God to adore!

This Excellency of Spirit does not come without diligence, or a price, per say.
Having cleared pathways tramples the patterns of past behavior each day.

We can overcome the trials the devil wants us to lose (that are only a repeat.)
Having a changed mind will most assuredly make those demonic spirits retreat!

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