Those of us who have had PTSD know what is means to be stuck in time.
For me, 20 years passed by before I was able to continue to rhyme from the Divine.

No, I do not think I could have moved any faster than I did, you see.
Once getting over a childhood devastation in loss, another mishap came to me.

After reflecting on the 40 years, then another 40 Moses took makes it okay.
Each was a stage in his life with something needing from God to say.

Yes, I believe these things had their place in growing my spirituality, too.
There are certain qualities in overcoming fear, and anger that make us blue.

While we are seeking to build up a building, God is building us up, instead.
He had to dig deep for a stronger foundation to overcome what was in the head.

There was a requirement needed in seeking God for the answers to our questions.
We have to incline our ear with inner hearing that comes through holy reflections.

Then with a new sense of conviction, we ask to overcome any pride from within.
Those who have found their way in Christ know pride is the greatest of sin.

It makes us seem as if we (only) can conquer our ailments of various kinds.
Each time we try to overcome them without Christ, sickness, and sorrow rewinds.

The act of enduring the pain of past trauma is a sign of inner strength.
Although, some of us hold onto that pain as a strength at any length.

When indeed, letting go of what we endured is the life buoy tossed, and sent to save.
Once we admit we cannot let go of our own accord, God releases emotions to behave.

Once we can get to that point in our spiritual journey, Qigong energy can help us, too.
This Chinese healing art of a scientific method, too, releases emotions that keep us blue.

When dealing with PTSD, there needs to be a skillful practitioner who knows how.
There are combinations of organs that need their systems cleared for healing to allow.

This will ensure knowing which emotions are needed to clear from heart to head.
Thus, these blocked energy channels will be released from what caused them to dread.

One way to start out on a new lifestyle is by incorporating Feng Shui principles.
The first step is by getting rid of clutter all around us that only cripples.

Keep in mind that a professional Feng Shui consultant will know what to do.
Their advice on placing what to where is another way for time, and qi to move through.

There are certain things in this world that have a set pattern like the seasons.
Timing, color, and emotions are tied together with special, related reasons.

Ecclesiastics 3:1-8 proclaims there is, “A Time for Everything.”
Adhering to these principles are a way for life’s good things to bring!

Once these tiny changes start to turn us forward, remember gratitude.
Being grateful for little things sets us up for a greater blessed altitude!

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If Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder of the mind that affects every aspect of the person’s life why do Mental Health agencies neglect to link their patients to the peace of mind that comes from connecting to our Higher Power? As a twice survivor of PTSD (once as a child losing my mother to suicide and then as a mother) I have been using inspired rhyme that comes from the Divine to heal my own (and other groups of people) PTSD. Many Veterans are using poetry as a catharsis of their trauma, which is different from what the gift in rhyme I share that heals (not treats) a universal negative emotion or two at a time without reliving any trauma that makes it a safe place to heal. I have incorporated the skills of using Qigong, and/or Kundalini/Reiki in these sessions with great success!

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