Enrolling into a driving school is not rocket science. There are a number of such schools in every city and town. However, it is all about picking the one with the best mentors and driving instructors. Now the million dollar question is, how to pick up the best mentor. In other words, what are the qualities of the driving instructors that make them better than the others?

They provide a comprehensive and holistic notion to start with

Some people have certain notions about driving, quite some of which can very well be a myth. A quality mentor will always provide a thorough notion about the details of driving, thereby busting those myths.

Also, the professional will provide rough notions regarding the demands and parameters of driving well before the training actually starts. While this helps to bust the myths, it also goes a long way to impart a sense of confidence in the trainees before the training commences. It will also give them a rough notion about driving and its intricacies before they start training.

They provide a periodical progress report

Most of these mentors provide periodic progress reports so that the trainees can ascertain their improvement at the end of quite a few training sessions. This also helps the mentors to take stock of the progress of the trainees in a proper way.

This naturally makes the route towards acquiring the much-awaited license much easier. This is one of the fronts on which getting enrolled in a quality driving school of Melbourne will make all the difference. 

They teach the best ways of safe driving

When it comes to imparting driving lessons to the trainees the bests always put much emphasis on teaching the ways of driving in the safest way.

Also, the training curriculum of these quality trainers includes a series of behavioural-based modules that put maximum emphasis on the underlying values of driving, the right attitude and the thought processes that help people to drive most carefully.

Presence of BTR curriculum

BTR or Beyond the Test Route programs are a type of curriculum that is formulated by the ADTA or the Australian Driver Trainers Association.

The program puts maximum emphasis on teaching the safest practices of driving and giving personalised emphasis on same, instead of merely conducting coaching to earn them the license.

In fact, it is one of the mainstays of the programs taught by a quality driving instructor of Melbourne. This helps the trainees to realise the importance of safe driving right from day one. This also helps them to get a hold on the technical intricacies of driving in no time. 

There will always be the option to choose a vehicle

The best trainers would offer the option of choosing the vehicle of the trainees. While it is imperative that they use automatic transmission cars for training, the choice of selecting the car always gives the trainees a comfort zone, which helps in fast and proper learning of how to drive.

Then, of course, these drivers provide a lot of flexibility to the trainees, thereby helping them to feel at ease, which helps in fast and proper learning in a significant way.

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The author runs a driving school in Melbourne and is also a driving instructor. The author also writes blogs on various issues related to driving and is followed by people regularly.