“We Now Have Thousands of Hard Science Double Blind Scientific Studies Showing that Quantum Healing Really Does Work”

We live in a wonderful age now with lots of studies showing that Hands on Healing, Qi Gong, Reiki, Magnified Healing, and lots of other modalities that work with the energy around our bodies… really do work… but big companies really don’t want you to know this.

In fact, with Qi Gong, we have over 4,000 double-blind studies done in the US and in other countries, and China showing that the practice of Qi Gong and with Qigong Masters working with those who are ill can heal in amazing ways.

And the researcher and author Lynn Mctaggart has also done lots of studies with long distance healing of people. And healing people over long distances… and it works.

And from a purely scientific point of view, we now know we are enveloped in a world of energy waves that surround our bodies and keep us healthy. And those waves forms are not just around us… they never end. Those waves are entangled with everything in the cosmos.

And the late Candice Pert a researcher who worked with how our emotions interact with our health showed without a doubt that what we feel, what we say, what we think, and what do, all create a powerful change in our mind/body. This is hard science, not metaphysics anymore.

And there is Bruce Lipton Ph. D. who studies our cells and the interaction between our beliefs and our cells. And he has shown that we believe deep down inside interacts with all the cells walls in every cell in our body… thus making changes in our body. If we believe that the world is a fearful place, then those beliefs degrade the energy around our body and we get sick. If we are full of uplifting positive thoughts then that energy field is strengthened and we tend to stay healthy.

And right now we have hard science “biophysicist” who have studied the energy field around us. And they have quantified that energy field and how it changes with our every thought, feeling, and interaction with the world. And they can see this change in all the scans they do.

And all of this goes back to what was written thousands of years ago by the ancient yogis, spiritual people, and the avatars. We are ONE with EVERYTHING, and that everything we encounter makes a difference in our health and well being.

We were created to think only uplifting, loving, caring, and positive thoughts. And that we are to only take in only that which is good for us in the way of food, entertainment, and interactions, with everything around us.

We live in very exciting times.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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