Queen sized beds are one of the best designs for sleeping alone or with someone. Queen size beds in some cases can also accommodate more than two people comfortably. The amazing measurement of these beds was designed to give both the persons a 30 inches space at least.

However, this massive size of these beds makes them unfit for a lot of bedrooms. These beds come in a lot of varieties and are perfect for those who need more space to sleep.

Here in this article, we are going to give you an overlook of the queen size beds, the advantages, disadvantages, size and everything you should know about it.

First up the size of the room to hold a queen-size bed properly.

Now, it is one of the most frequently asked questions for those who want to buy a queen-size bed. People tend to buy a queen size bed to sleep comfortable and then end up leaving the room with all essential types of furniture and no breathing space at all. So, here is the measurement of a recommended bedroom size to adequate a queen-size bed properly.

To adequate a queen-size bed properly, make sure your bedroom has a measurement of at least 10 feet by 10 feet in size. Most of the queen size beds are for the master bedrooms that are traditionally several square feet. Feet larger than the standard bedrooms. Go for a simple headboard and minimum pieces of furniture if you want to place the queen-size beds in an average bedroom.

Different types of queen-size beds:

There are two types of queen size beds according to their sizes.

The California queen is 12 cm longer than the standard queen-size beds. It is 152cmX 200cms.
The Olympic queen is 15cm wider than the standard queen. However, this size is not readily available, and the king-size beds take its place.

However, talking about the different styles, there are a lot of variations in the queen-size beds.
There are hydraulic beds with bedside, the standard queen size beds, and there are also some queen-size beds that come with side storages. You can also try buying low floor beds. These are the modern designs and are trending now.

The differences between the Double vs. King sized beds vs. Queen size beds:

If you ask people to choose between the king-size beds and the queen size beds or double beds, they will select the king-size beds without any hesitation. However, some small problems may make them change their minds. The linen and the mattress price of the king-size beds are very high. Also, not all the rooms can comfortably fit a king-size bed.

A double bed is an excellent option for restless teens or single people. Whereas, the queen size beds give 10cm extra space per person than the double beds. The king-size beds are, however, 41cm wider than the queen.
The queen size beds have mainly designed for the master bedroom. However, the king-size beds are used mostly in luxury hotel rooms. Queen size beds, however, are perfect for the couples with a master bedroom keeping size, space and variety of choices in mind.

Advantages of queen-size beds:

The benefits of the queen-size beds are:

·The standard measurement of these beds is 152cmx 188cm
·These beds give a lot of spaces for couples, sometimes accommodate space for a smaller child or two too.
·It is ideal for taller individuals who do not get fit in double beds.
·Larger queen mattresses tend to last longer.

Now you know the fantastic advantages and other required information on queen size beds. Opt for it considering the facts stated in this article. Buy a queen size bed today.

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