Whether it's a picture-perfect residential area or a high-rise commercial building, windows undoubtedly add to the beauty of the space. But, sooner or later most of the people have to deal with dull or damaged glass- so should you repair or replace them altogether? Fortunately, stained and not-so-good looking glass can be restored within in no time using professional services.

As a matter of fact, the glass scratch removal can be performed on a wide range of glass including:

  • Glass Awnings
  • Windows
  • Glass Display Cabinets
  • Balustrading Glass and
  • Skylights

However, when it comes to choosing the best company for glass restoration in Los Angeles, then there are tons of options around, where identifying the ultimate one can seem to be a difficult task. In such a scenario, there are certain questions that you must ask. Wondering what these are and how helpful it can be? Read ahead to know more.

3 Things To Ask Before You Hire A Contractor For Glass Restoration

There are three important things that you should ask prior to considering a professional company for scratch removal from glass and these are:

  1. Do you specialize in glass restoration services?

The first and perhaps the quintessential thing is that the professional should specialize in the range of restoration services that it caters. Do ask them about their experience, the number of clients that they have handled earlier and their reputation in the industry. At the end of the day, only a specialist can be confident about its high-quality services, customer satisfaction and not to mention 100% warranty on window repair that brings a peace of mind.

  1. Is the company insured for optimal safety?

You would never take the risk of working with a contractor who isn't insured with basic workmen compensation and general liability insurance right? Hence, do make it a point that you ask for the same and if the company that you are about to hire does not hold one, then a good move would be to switch to those who do.

  1. What is the average time that will be taken for restoration?

Want to achieve shiny, smooth and flawless glass at the earliest then discuss with the contractor regarding the average time that will be taken, and whether they are dealing with multiple projects at the same time or not. If you are particular about completing the project within a specific period of time then do inform it to them and check if they are available for the same.

There you have it, these three questions will lead your way to the ideal company for restoration of stained, damaged and deteriorated glass!

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