The questions you should ask in your job interviews might surprise you.

In general, you always want to ask questions during your interview because

(1) it shows that you researched the company,
(2) it helps you have a more relaxed and productive conversation, and
(3) it helps you uncover information you can't get anywhere else.

It's that third one that's the tricky one. Some of the information you need is not just stuff you can pick up from your pre-interview research. The only way to get it is to ask the hiring manager directly. But there's no point in meandering around. It's much better to be direct.

You can have a much more successful interview (and a better shot at the job) if you ask two key questions. They are what I call strategic questions that give you big clues as to what the hiring manager is hoping you'll say so he can hire you.

You can nudge him into making you the offer just by asking these questions and using the information you get from them. So what are they?

“What does your ideal candidate look like?”

Before you start telling them about your experience, find out what they will think is the most important. You might think they'll just repeat the job description, but really what happens is that they start talking about things that aren't on's like their wish list.

This is a goldmine of information for you. Then, you can talk about how what you bring to the table meets their wishes for an ideal candidate all the way through the rest of your interview. Tell them how your experience meshes with what they want. This is a fantastic and effective way to show them you're a top candidate.

“Can you see me being successful at this job?”

Or possibly this question could be, “Is there any reason you wouldn’t offer me the job?” Either way you ask, it uncovers any doubts so you can clear them up while you still have the chance.

These are very difficult questions to get up the courage to ask. It feels pushy, but it’s always worth it. Maybe they'll bring up an issue that you just haven't addressed. Maybe they'll bring up something that you didn't realize was a misunderstanding. I’ve seen many candidates save job offers just by asking this question.

These key strategy questions always help you have a better interview. And a better interview means a better chance to get the job.

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