Are you looking for a safe and protected experience to increase your you tube video views and help develop a robust marketing technique for the you tube channel you have recently started ? Well then proxies surely are the desert for you dinner tonight.

You tube has become the largest pool of online videos and to be precise it has approximately 800 million unique users visit every month. To add on to the amazement , over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on you tube and 72 hours of video are uploaded to you tube every minute. Its not only the volume but the diversity which too needs to be accorded as you tube is localized in 43 countries and across 60 languages. Thus the never ending heterogeneity and dimensions creates a competitive scenario and to keep your videos thriving in the ocean towards the top ranks looks like a tough job!

This is where proxies make scene

Whenever you connect to the internet or visit a website, you open up your computer to millions of anonymous hackers in the whole world. A web proxy is like a middleman that hides your IP address from the rest of the internet players. So when you visit you tube and open a video you first send your IP address to a proxy and then the proxy server sends the request to the website. The information is exchanged in the vice versa direction too. There are two kinds of proxies.

  • Free proxies
  • Private proxies

Free proxies are very inconsistent and since many people use them , they tend to make video streaming slow. Therefore a more preferable option, off course if you have a few bucks to spend , are private proxies as they supply fast and smooth buffering of videos. There are large number of private proxies service provider in the market . While choosing proxies for your you tube videos you should be careful and choose the one which is credible and reliable along with providing satisfying services that match up to your trust and expectations. Besides protecting from online scammers, a private proxy allows you to access some videos on you tube which you were otherwise restricted to access due to your geographical location or such other constraints. For example if you wish to watch a UK video restricted to people based in china alone, you can do it even so with the help of private proxies.

Escalation of Youtube rankings

Using proxies helps to increase the access of yours and the people all over the world to your videos as it allows high speed videos with uninterrupted browsing experience. The full proof authentication system will protect the IP address promoting the viewers to open your videos without the fear of network spies being peeped into your HTTP web traffic. Thus with more and more viewers viewing your video with each passing moment increases your video rankings on you tube.


So the secret to boost your youtube video ranking and to remain on top charts are use of proxies well suited for online marketing and video sharing in a safe and secure environment.

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